What do you think is the best option to do when you need to manage about million of volumes of books and that too over multiple locations? Library automation systems use the Library Management Software which can accommodate the library, disregard of the size.

This software has the advanced utilities which help in effectively managing item reports, circulation methods, patron records, catalogue information etc.

1. HDSchool


When you need to manage the libraries of training centres, schools, institutes HDSchool software is a sophisticated solution. Apart from handling the complicated fee structures, this software also helps to:

  • manage and regulate the school stock books.
  • manage the different stationeries and keep record of the suppliers.
  • ideal for examination management.
  • printing student ID cards, report cards etc. done with ease.

2. Destiny Library Manager

destiny library manager

Of the many web-based library management software, Destiny Library Manager is a very simple software with easy to use interface. When you need one dedicated software to take care of circulation, reporting, searching, cataloging etc. it is one of the finest to option to go for. It also has:

  • scope for Patron Management.
  • manages acquisition and scans the barcode.
  • helps managing periodicals and its circulation.

3. Eduflex

eduflex 1

If you need elegant library management software, Eduflex can be your answer. With the easy operational concept, it has been widely used in many educational centres.

  • Has a service oriented approach making it ideal for professionals.
  • computerised report cards and attendance sheet.
  • lists all the updates of school events.
  • fee structure and records are maintained.

4. Insignia Library System

insignia library system 1

For a full-featured library system, the Insignia Library System is a one-stop solution. With its intuitive interface and consistent design, this software is a premium alternative. The other features are:-

  • with easy point-and-click navigation system.
  • Barcoding, Circulation, Cataloging, fee collection.
  • Powerful database leaving scope to maintain millions of volumes.

5. Ampletrails

ampletrails 1

To name one of the best library management software, Ampletrails is one which can manage in cataloguing library. It also helps to:

  • Keep records of all the transactions of books.
  • Fee and attendance records are maintained.
  • Has responsive interface; gives mobile support.

6. Librarian

librarian 1

If you need one Library Management Software which will fit all the international standards, LIBRARIAN is one trusted name. MARC21, Z39.50, AACR2 etc. can be maintained when using this software. Even the Learning Resource Centres can also use the software to keep the track updated.

  • Functional modules include Article Indexing, Cataloguing, Acquisition management, Circulation etc.
  • supports multi-user and multi-lingual facilities.
  • RFID and bar code scanning can be done.

7. Readerware

readerware 2

This Library management software helps to maintain the records for the booksellers, book collectors as well as that of the school and the other educational institutions’ database.

  • Barcode scanning and cataloguing.
  • Updates database of books, music, videos etc.
  • Works as a great source of reference

8. Soutron


9. ResourceMate


10. Readerware

readerware 1

11. Primesoft


12. Mandarin


13. LibLime


14. Libero


15. Insigina Software


16. Follett


17. CR2


18. Infiniti


19. COMpanion

companion 1

20. Atriuum


Library management software thus helps to enable knowledge, resources and information and achieve results in the quickest way, suitable for the needs of all professionals and educational organisations and centres.

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