A logo is something that represents or symbolizes a business, an organization, or an individual. It has to be well thought out and should show relevance as to why it was chosen. If you are planning to start your own venture, find a logo that will fully speak for itself.

There are logo designs online that you can download anytime. These logos come in different shapes and styles. Sometimes they are kept minimal with only letters and basic lines. But, in some other times, they are made with 3D effects and other stylish aspects. Find a template now to get started with your own.

Business Logo Templates

Business Logo Template in PSD

psd business logo template3



Cleaning Business Logo Template

cleaning business logo template



Business Letterhead Logo Template

business letterhead logo template



Free Vector Business Logo Design

free vector business logo design



Company Logo Templates

Construction Company Logo Template

construction company logo template



Software Company Logo Template

software company logo template



Security Company Logo Template

security company logo template



Film Company Logo Template

film company logo template



Builders Logos

Free Abstract Construction Vector Logos

abstract construction logos free vector



House Logo Design Vector Template

house vector logo design template



City Builder Logo

city builder logo



Eden Builders Logo

eden builders logo



High End House Builder Logo

high end house builder logo



Church Logo Templates

Church Logo Template in PSD

church logo template psd



Blue Logo with a Cross

blue logo with a cross



Creative Church Logo Design Set

creative church logo design set



Church Youth Logo Template

church youth logo template



Church Logo Design

fire church logo



What Are the Parts of a Logo?

A logo is composed of different parts even if it is made to be a simple one. These components complete a logo that represents a certain entity, a business, or an organization. When designing one, you need to pay equal attention to all and not just a single portion of it. To help you with that, here are three major parts of a logo that you should work on whether you are doing it from scratch or you are using a logo design you got online.

Color Scheme
The colors you use in a logo should mean something. It is not used just because it is aesthetically pleasing as it is. These colors should encompass the values, principles, and goals of what it represents. You can search for colors and their meanings to help you find the most appropriate one to use for your own. Although some would pick out colors just by choice especially when the logo is for commercial use. Whichever you choose, make sure that it balances out the overall design of your layout including the text color you want to use. Logo design templates that you can find online are in different color schemes to give you options left and right.

Illustrations in a logo, like the colors, portray the essence of what it represents to anyone who sees it. These graphics are there to symbolize the mission and vision of the individual or the group. For one, some use laurel leaves to show their appreciation for wisdom. Little objects like that make up the whole value of a given logo. Furthermore, what you see in the graphics of a logo may also include the letters that represent the group. It can be the initials of the institution or the individual, or it can be of foreign letters that have a deep meaning that applies to the principles of what the logo should carry on.

Fonts used in a logo should not just be anything that you decide on randomly. You need to pick the most appropriate one that will put emphasis on any text that accompanies the graphic. Some would prefer Serif styles over scripts because they are easier to read. Although, an exemption to that is the Blackletter and Lombardic script which are commonly used as well. Using the proper fonts would make an impact on your logo. It helps people interpret why and how your logo came to be. When using a pre-made logo design, you already have a default font face to use which lessens the time for you to examine one after another that would look best.

DJ Logo Templates

DJ Logo Vector Template

dj logo template psd



Free Vector Collection of DJ Music Logos

free vector collection of music logos



DJ Logo Template in AI and EPS

dj logo template ai and eps1



Skull DJ Logo Template

skull dj logo template



Education Logo

Free Vector Education Logos Pack

free vector education logos pack



University Education Logo Template

university education logo template



 Education Institute Logo

education institute logo



Agriculture Education Logo

agriculture education logo



 Education Logo Vector

psd education logo



Electrical Logo Templates

Modern Electric Logo

modern electric logo



Free Vector Electrical Lightning Logo

free vector electrical lightning logo



Electric Logo Template in Vector Illustration

electric logo template vector illustration eps



Electric Car Logo Template

electric car logo template



How to Avoid the Common Mistakes When Making a Logo?

Mistakes are inevitable when making a design for something. This can be a result of lack of judgment from the human eye or can simply be a common error that was overlooked upon planning. Whatever the reason may be, there are still ways and means on how you can avoid this from happening. There are things that you should look out for and some things that you should improve. Knowing what these mistakes are will help you work on your design without worrying about how the outcome will be. Here are few smart design tips to help you perfect your next logo project.

  • Stay away from the mainstream. While it is easy to join the bandwagon and design a logo like how the cliche ones are designed, it is more appropriate if you pick something new and refreshing. How else would people identify you and your uniqueness if you would look like something they always see out there. This is one way to stand out from your competitors. If your logo is different from the usual, people would notice you more if not instantly. You would draw in more crowd to see what you have to offer since you chose to be different from the current norm. People would consider you first since they would instantly think that you are different from their usual.
  • Pay attention to colors. As what has been said above, colors are very important in a logo design or in any design in general. They bring life to your logo in brings more weight to a rather lifeless sketch. Given that, find colors that would pop; something that would stand out over your background without overshadowing overall look. Match colors together to perfect your layout. However, you should also make sure that your logo won’t falter when printed out or transformed in grayscale. Choose colors that are versatile and score the perfect look whether in full colors or in black and white.
  • Keep it simple. You can never go wrong when you keep things simple, that’s the best thing about it. Logo designs do not have to be elaborate. I can be a simple checkmark or a bitten apple and people would still recognize you for it. This is because a logo is something that brands you and in some ways, you get to have a claim on it that no one else can. It is like your name but in the presence of an object imprinted on it.Another upside of a simple logo is that you don’t need the extra work for it. Moreso, opting for a simple logo will give you more time to work on polishing the said design.

Gaming Logo Templates

Gaming Logo Template in PSD

gaming logo template psd



Gaming Clan Logo Template

gaming clan logo template



Bluehead Gaming Community Logo

bluehead gaming community logo



Vintage Style Game Play Joystick Logos

vector set of game play joystick in vintage style



Salon Logo Templates

Hair Salon Logo Template

hair salon logo template



Collection of Hairdressing Logotypes

collection of hairdressing logotypes



Beauty Care Logo Template

beauty care logo template design2



Jewelry Logo Templates

Free Jewelry Logo

free jewelry logo



Vintage Logo Frames Vector Template

vintage frame logo



Jewelry Logo Vector Set

jewelry logo ring crown diamond octagon vector set



Name Logos

Vintage Name Logo Designs

vintage name logo badges



Monster Brand Logo Design

monster brand logo design



How Else Do You Improve a Logo?

  • Customize and make it personal. Given that a logo is already unique from on to the other, why is it necessary to customize it? This customization is more on the free logo designs that you got online. Since it can be downloaded by the public, there is a greater chance that the designs have already been used by someone else. You can change the typography used or add something else to make the design more personal to your taste. But, do not overdo the changes and instead, work on fool-proofing the outcome.
  • Keep the design symmetrical. No one wants to see a design that is out of place or curvy on the wrong sides. Balance the edginess of your design with the softness of the curves it has. You can use necessary grid lines or some guide outline to ensure that the design you are working on has the proper symmetry. Make the design more active than passive by choosing to make it point upwards than down. It adds to your final output the subtle wish and hopes of seeing the business prosper upwards. Logo designs that you can download online are already measured well to ensure its symmetry.
  • Put reason over your creation. Last but not the least, value the reason why you are creating the logo. These reasons can be your principle, vision, goal, or even the values you believe. Put meaning in every component you add to your design. The importance of these components was already mentioned above. Understanding the need to add the parts to your design will help you justify to clients when you are doing the design for someone else and not for yourself.

Real Estate Logo Templates

Real Estate Logo Template in PSD

real estate logo template psd



Vector Real Estate Logo Template

vector real estate logo template



Premier Real Estate Company Logo

premier real estate company logo



Real Estate Logo in EPS

real estate logo eps



Elite Homes Real Estate Logo

elite homes real estate logo



Vintage Logos

 Vintage Logo Template in PSD

vintage logo template psd



Free Retro Vintage Logo Template

free retro vintage logo template



Vintage Logo Template in AI

vintage logo template ai



Modern Vintage Logos

modern vintage logos1



Wedding Logo Designs

Vintage Wedding Logo Template

vintage wedding logo template



Black and White Wedding Logo

black and white wedding logo



Wedding Monogram Logo

two letters wedding logo



Water Color Wedding Logo

water color wedding logo



Sports Logo Templates

Sport Logo in EPS Template

sport logo eps template



Four Sport Logos Design

set for four sport logos



Volleyball Logo Template

volleyball logo template



Tennis Logo Template

tennis logo template



Basketball Logo Template

basketball logo template



The Types and Styles of Fonts You Can Use

As what was mentioned above, typography is important in a logo. And coming up with the right decision can be a burden on your part especially when you have thousands of font styles that you can choose from. However, not everything from this thousands is all applicable o use for all designs. Know which ones are appropriate for your design and know what to use for your next project. Here is a short guide to help you sort out the font styles available for your logo.

These are the font styles which look formal having originated from the old Roman type. The lines of the font are kept straight with its curve made perfectly and stop right at the spot where it meets with the lines. They are considered to be old school but still widely used. One common thing that is highly noticeable is that the small “e”, when written in Serif, would have a diagonal position instead of the traditional straight one. If you want something formal for your DIY logo, then this is the right pick. Some Serif font types include

  • Old Style
  • Transitional
  • Neoclassical
  • Slab
  • Clarendon
  • Glyphic

This are not usually used together with graphical logos. This is because script fonts are already a standout by itself. Its elegant curls that curves on the right places as it forms that letter will definitely strike when seen for the first time. Ideally, you use this font for initials that you want to interlock with each other. Words that are used in this style are written big for legibility. Meanwhile, its substyle which is blackletter is mostly ued than its other styles. This is becausee it appears to be manuscript-like which can easily be spotted unlike with the calligrahy font styles. Some of the Script styles you would want to know:

  • Formal Scripts
  • Calligraphy Scripts
  • Lombardic Scripts
  • Casual Scripts

Sans Serif
Similar to Serif, Sans Serif was made based on it predecessor. However, unlike Sans, this style uses more of the square-type letters rather than the round ones. They also are heavier in weight stroke. Although in some letters, the edge is left to be curled to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Apart from all that, there is not much difference between the Sans Serif and the plain Serif font styles. Here are a few examples of Sans Serif:

  • Grotesque
  • Square
  • Geometric
  • Humanicstic

This style is the informal one out of the four. They are not mostly used unless necessary and are not used when making formal logos. They are modern and stylish. Often, they arre in large blocks with a design outline and other times they are made to match a season such as Christmas and Valentines. Aside from that, grunge font styles as weel are considered to be decorative. They don’t often use proportional letters and the spacing of the font can be a challenge too. If you want something to go with an out of the blue design, this is a good catch.

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