The map viewer software are good to go with. Am I right? So, let us take a look at the collection of most wonderful and widely liked map viewer software.

1. Base Maps

base maps

The base maps are a wonderful and excellent map viewer software.

  • This is known for its boundaries without any data representation.
  • You can use it along with other maps.
  • This shows features such as roads, streams, city locations, boundaries.
  • You can share the end results with your social media or email friends.
  • Doing this will surely help you to expand the knowledge.

2. Hatch Maps

hatch maps

The Hatch maps use colors and fill patterns for representing data ranges or classes of data for each area on the map.
This is among the top notch map viewer software.

  • It comes free of cost.
  • The premium version, however, is known to have some extraordinary features.
  • The hatch maps are available on the internet for easy and fast downloading.
  • You must give the hatch maps a try to get fully amazed.

3. Density maps

density maps

Now comes the turn of the density maps.

  • This is, without any doubt, one of the most wonderful and amazing map viewer software.
  • This is also called dot density maps.
  • It uses symbols for representing data values for areas on a map.
  • On the density maps, the symbols represent data values.
  • Not only this but also the users can easily draw the numbers of symbols using its multiple options.

4. Prism Maps

prism maps

The prism maps need no introduction.

  • These are among the finest and excellent map viewer software.
  • Using the prism map you can draw each area, curves, or points as a raised prism.
  • Here the height of the prism is relative to the associated data value.
  • Colors can also be added with these maps so that you can display multiple variables on a single map!

5. Line Graph Maps

line graph maps

Line graph maps are known to showing line graphs of data at the centroid locations.

  • These look very professional once crafted fully.
  • These are among the widely liked and favorite map viewer software of many people.
  • These can show you how the individual data value relates to the whole data set.

6. ArcGIS


7. MC Renox

mc renox

How to install map viewer software

For installing the map viewer software, you should understand their important terms and concepts. Make sure that you are having the prerequisite software. Install and deploy the map viewer software. You can use them for basic to advanced/professional tasks. These keep you familiar with the styles, themes, and maps, and the options for each other so that the spatial data can be viewed easily.

These are perfect for small businesses, large corporations, independent consultants, scientists, GIS analysts, and government agencies who want to discover the important trends in their data. Most of the map viewer software support the headless AWT mechanism in J2SE SDK, enabling the map viewer software to run on Linux or UNIX systems without setting any display variables. Make sure that the application server has created a home directory for your ease.
The best thing is that the map viewer software are used by professionals. Thus, we can make sure to get their premium versions which can ease our work and can give results better than the ordinary, free map viewer tools. I am confident that their quality is going to satisfy you and you would be amazed to use the map viewer software once fully installed. These are an affordable and convenient way to map and these can work as spatial analysis tools allowing you to produce publication-quality thematic maps easily.

You must have a fast and smoothly running windows or operating system. The map viewer software can even be enjoyed on the mobile devices with the same level of comfort as you might be using them on your computer system.

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