Brochures, in general, aim to provide sufficient information to clients and partners of what a company does and what a business offer. It can either be a printed material that is handed out personally, or it can be a digital brochure that is passed on through email and other online messaging means.

The effectiveness of these brochures, however, is not guaranteed and would mostly depend on how the brochure itself is designed. The quality of your brochure makes it more appealing to readers and in return, will make you market yourself easier. There are downloadable brochures for free that you can use and improvise to create a professional-looking corporate brochure.

Corporate Brochure



Tri-Fold Brochure Design



What are Tri-Fold Brochures?

These are brochures that are folded in three parts. Each spread contains unique contents that readers will benefit from. The upside of using tri fold brochure type is that you get to divide your whole page into three separate parts. This proper division lets the reader focus on one area alone as they read through your provided content. Furthermore, both sides of the brochure can be written on. You get more space for both texts and images that you need to add.


Business Brochure Template



4 Ways to Boost Effectiveness of Tri-Fold Brochures

  • Know your target audience. The content you write should be based on who you plan to sell to. Marketing brochures take into consideration every factor that can affect your client’s interest. Create a brief study of what your demographic should be, how you would approach their psychology, what things interest them, which issues they need a solution to, and when or how can they utilize your service for their benefit. The answer to these things should match your content to ensure the attention retention of your readers. You will have a bigger chance of getting their attention when they feel like the contents were personalized for them.

Free Business Brochure



  • Set the correct and concise tone. Don’t beat around the bush when writing content for advertising brochures. Stick to your point and discuss it without using words that are too flowery. Some readers would not continue going through the content when you start with lengthy introductions full of fluff. However, you still have to set the mood of your readers. You can either introduce who you are or the general description of what you do in a few sentences before you go on with the full coverage of your services. Also, part of setting the tone is knowing how to be suggestive with your words without rubbing your product and service to the reader’s face. Do not oversell yourselves.

Advertising Brochure



  • Use catchy designs for covers. The first thing that your clients would see is the cover of your brochure even before reading what is written. Although headlines are also eye-catchers, the initial thing that would draw them in at first glance is your designs. Make your designs for brochure cover outstanding that it instantly makes one want to check out what’s in it. There are different ways on how you can improve your covers. Use the right colors together with great typography styles to have a creative output.

Real Estate Brochure Flyer



  • Call to action. Give the readers a challenge on what they would do with the information that they were just given. Be authoritative with your tone but don’t push your readers too hard. Phrases like “Visit us now” or “Call us today” will be enough to get them going. You can also add some survey forms which they can fill out should they choose to subscribe to your services or to your products. Another form of CTA for digital brochures is to ask readers if they want to get another brochure when you update. It gives them something to look forward to, thus, increasing your chances of client retention.

Printable Tri-Fold Brochure



Overall Thoughts

Like bi fold brochures or any other brochure, your tri fold prints should be in high quality in both appearance and content. You get to market your business better when your brochure itself is appealing. Many would be more interested in receiving a good-looking reading material than something that is plain and dull. Making your brochure interesting will help improve your chance of profit increase. Find templates to use now for your designs and get started with your work.

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