Marketing and advertising can be done in many different ways, some more expensive than other, and some more personal or involves direct interaction with people than others that are simply published or televised through the media.

Marketing can be done through compact methods, such as flyers and brochures, or through large scale tools such as billboards and banners. Though banners can also be used outside the marketing industry, such as birthday banners which are used during birthday parties.

Another purpose of banners is to spread awareness to the people of one’s presence or existence. This is the purpose behind companies and their use of corporate banner designs. This is to let the general public know that their company exists and are more than willing to serve the public with the services that they are offering.

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Affiliate Marketing Banners

Corporate Web Banner Design

corporate web banner design

Affiliate Marketing Web Banner

affiliate marketing web banner

Web Banner Design

web banner design

Content Marketing Banners

Content Marketing Web Banner

content marketing web banner

Content Marketing Concept Banner

content marketing concept banner

Content Marketing Banner

content marketing banner


What Are Marketing Banners?

In the physical world, a banner is defined as a large piece of cloth which has been printed with a design either for promotional or announcement purposes, and these are usually found in public places to be seen by the people. For it to be easily noticed, banners are usually placed or hung on high places, either on walls or on top of tall lamp or telephone poles.

On computers, a banner can also be interpreted in a different way. While it retains its purpose of being a marketing media, these banners usually appear as an advertisement on the topmost portion of a webpage, or when you are transferring from one webpage to another. These banners are usually clickable, and clicking on them will take you to the website of the company that owns that banner.

Marketing banners are those that are exclusively being used for the purpose of promoting and publicizing a company, business, or the products and services that they are offering. If you prefer on working with Adobe Photoshop, then you may download our PSD banner designs, these are fully compatible with the software which will make it easier for you to make the necessary edits.

However, if you choose to use banner templates that you want to print out and be able to retain the quality, then you may also go for the printable banner designs that we also have on our website. You are free to choose either of the banner templates that we are offering, go ahead and download the one that works best for you.

Digital Marketing Banners

Digital Marketing Banner

digital marketing banner1

Digital Marketing Promotional Banner

digital marketing promotional banner

Digital Marketing Web Banner

digital marketing web banner

Business Digital Marketing

business digital marketing web banner

Email Marketing Banners

Vector Email Marketing Banner

vector email marketing banner

Email Marketing Web Banner Design

email marketing web banner design1

Email Marketing Business Banner

email marketing business banner

Email Marketing Banner in PSD

email marketing banner in psd


How To Make Marketing Banners Using Our Templates?

Our templates are for anyone and everyone with internet access, a photo editing software, and the required skills, knowledge, and creativity to manipulate these templates according to how they want their banner to appear. These banner templates are already pre-designed, but you can still customize it as much as you want to be able to make your own banner design.

Whether you are trying to design a digital banner, or a printable roll up banner, follow the steps below to make it easier for you to make your own marketing banner.

  • First thing you need to do is decide on the purpose of your marketing banner. What are you trying to advertise? Are you trying to promote your company? Or are you trying to promote the products and services that you are offering in your company?
  • Next thing you should determine is the target audience of your marketing banner. Do you want your banner to be noticed by passersby? If so, then it would be best to go with a printable banner that you can hang up on walls or poles. However, if you want your banner to be seen by people on the internet, then you can opt to have a digital version and have it appear as an advertisement on websites.
  • Once you have decided on the purpose of your banner and who you intend to show it to, you can now browse through the banner samples that we are offering you on our website. To make it easier for you to look for the samples that you need, use the magnifying glass tool on the upper right corner of the page and search for the banner samples that work best for you.
  • Download your chosen banner template on to your computer by clicking on the download button found near the template’s thumbnail.
  • Edit your banner template using a photo editing software of your choice. Make the necessary changes to make it appear as the banner design that is appropriate for its purpose.

Internet Marketing Banners

SEO Internet Marketing

seo internet marketing banner

Flat Design Style Banners for Internet Marketing

flat design style banners for internet marketing1

Printable Banner for Internet Marketing

printable banner for internet marketing1

Simple Internet Marketing

simple internet marketing banner

Roll up Marketing Banners

Social Media Marketing Roll Up Banner

social media marketing roll up banner1

Social Media Marketing

socil media marketing roll up banner

Corporate Marketing

corporate marketing banners pack


Importance of Using Marketing Banners

Marketing banners are important for advertising and promoting because they have been proven effective in serving its purpose. Printable banners are large enough to be easily noticed by the general public, even by those who are simply passing by the location where the banner is placed.

For digital marketing banners and social media marketing banners found online, they are usually seen in between web pages when a web surfer moves from one site to another. You can usually skip banners, but only after a few number of seconds in which the user has already noticed and familiarized the contents of the banner.

The following are a list of some of the importance of using marketing banners for businesses:

  • A marketing banner is able to deliver a message to the reader, even if it only appears to them for a short period of time.
  • A marketing banner, if done well, will be able to effectively capture the attention of people, which in turn, can lead them to do research on what is being advertised on the banner.
  • A marketing banner can help in a company’s branding and identity. For the public to be able to recognize right away the ownership of the banner, the design should be consistent with other marketing tools used by the same company.

Social Media Marketing Banners

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing web banner

Vector Marketing Banner

vector marketing banner

Social Media Web Banner Set

social media web banner set

Social Media Network Rollup Banner

social media network rollup banner


Guidelines When Using Marketing Banners

If you think that banners work simply by hanging it up on high areas or by posting it on the internet without even considering other factors, such as the design and contents, then you are wrong. Having a good banner design is one thing that should be considered, and another is having an informative content, which you can refer to the content marketing banners on our website.

For your banner to get the attention of the general public, as well as feed them with the necessary information about what you are trying to advertise, read the guidelines listed below:

  • For easy recognition, incorporate your logo on your banner design.
  • Make the design eye-catching but not over the top that it will appear cluttered and stressful to the eyes.
  • Make the text large and legible enough that it can be noticed right away at first glance, and make the message clear to the reader.
  • Stick to the theme used by your company in other marketing tools and documents.
  • Include a call to action somewhere on the banner, and convince the reader to initiate a response.

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