Android has become one of the most used platforms in the world today. There are numerous number of phones and tablets released each year that uses the android platform.

The Android media center has some of the most useful apps. These following apps have become a very big part of your lives as they not only make our days easier but also much more entertaining. Here are 7 of the most popular and useful android media center apps.

1. AllCast – sharing images, audio and other files


allcast sharing images audio and other files

This application lets you send pictures, music and video from your android device to your TV. Many a time we want to access something we have on our devise on a larger screen. Thus this is the perfect app for such times.

  • Many different models of TVs including Samsung, Apple TV and Xbox is supported
  • It has a free version which has a 5 minute viewing limit
  • The premium version has no viewing limit

2. BubbleUPnP – streaming videos and other features


bubbleupnp streaming videos and other features

This app is great for streaming your videos, photos and music to different devices in your home. You can practically connect all types of devices through this app.

  • It can access all your local media stored on your device
  • It has a very good cloud storage facility
  • You can share or send media on your device through web browsers and file managers

3. LocalCast – supporting various file formats

localcast supporting various file formats

This is the best casting solution for all android users. It has over 1 billion very satisfied users all around the world.

  • You can cast and stream pictures, music and videos
  • You can connect it to your drop box or even Google plus
  • It supports all the different types of audio and video formats

5. My Media Center – managing media player even better


my media center managing media player even better

This is like the Widow Media player but even better! You can control and manage all the different media on your phone through this application.

  • It has a very integrated and compact view of all the different types of media
  • You can connect it with your TV to record the TV shows and movies
  • It has a very integrated library system

6. Plex for Android – unlimited casting features


plex for android unlimited casting features

You can cast your pictures from your camera roll onto your tablet or phone.
  • It has unlimited casting features
  • You can remote control your screen through this app
  • You can cast many different types of media files in different formats

7. Remote Media Center HD – controlling windows media center


remote media center hd controlling windows media center

This is an android remote media center application that helps to control and view window 7 or 8 media center. It works on Wi-Fi.

  • You can browse through different videos
  • You can watch them by streaming themthrough the web
  • Listen to music with shuffle and slider

These applications are some of the best Android media center applications that have become very popular among all the android users.

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