Mickey Mouse has long since been a very well known character made by Disney. He’s been with most of us since our childhoods and has been an icon for most of Disney’s shows. Even with today’s children, he’s a popular character.

If you’re throwing your child a party for any reason—be it his birthday or a mere get together with his friends, why not use a Mickey Mouse invitation to give to the other kids? With this list, you’ll find Mickey Mouse invitation templates that you can order online to give to your child’s guests. Take a look! And if you’re interested in more invitations that are associated with Disney, take a look at these Cinderella invitations.

DIY Mickey Mouse Invitation Template

diy mickey mouse invitation template



Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation Template

minnie mouse birthday invitation template



Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation Template

mickey mouse birthday invitation template



Mickey Mouse Head Invitation Template

mickey mouse head invitation template



Give Your Child a Mickey Mouse Themed Party

Mickey has been a source of fun for children of all ages. The little black mouse somehow capturing their attention on almost every Disney show he appears in. What child wouldn’t love to have a Mickey Mouse-themed party?

With these invitations, you can tell the other children that you’re planning a Mickey Mouse-themed party for your child. Whether it’s for his birthday or for another occasion entirely, such as his graduation, a Mickey Mouse themed party is sure to get the other children coming over to your child’s party.

Why Throw a Mickey Mouse Themed Party for your Child?

If your child is a big fan of Disney cartoons, then chances are that he’ll absolutely love a Mickey Mouse-themed party. If it’s for his birthday, he’d definitely appreciate having this Disney character around. It’ll make the occasion more special to him.

The other children will also be more inclined to go to his party if they themselves also like Mickey. So go throw your child a Mickey Mouse-themed party! Everyone’s going to love it.

There are all kinds of different invitation templates that you can download. Be sure to check them out to get the perfect invite for your child’s party.

Mickey Mouse Themed Invitation Template

mickey mouse themed invitation template



Mickey Mouse Blank Invitation Template

mickey mouse blank invitation template



Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Invitation Template

mickey mouse baby shower invitation template



Mickey Mouse Club House Invitation Template

mickey mouse club house invitation template



Mickey Mouse Printable Invitation Template

mickey mouse printable invitation template



Necessities to Put Into a Mickey Mouse Invitation

There are certain information that you shouldn’t forget to put into the invitation card.

  • Name of the Host/Celebrant
    Who’s the party being hosted for? The other guests might want to know whose party they’re attending. After all, you wouldn’t want your kids to go to a party if you yourself don’t know who it’s for and who’s hosting it, wouldn’t you? Make sure to put the name of the host and the celebrant so that the other guests would know.
  • Reason for the Party
    Why is the party being hosted in the first place? You need to make sure that the guests would know why you’re hosting a party in the first place. Whether it’s for your child’s birthday or you want to throw him a party for a recent accomplishment, your guests might definitely want to know this.
  • Time of the Party
    What time is the party taking place? Making sure that your guests aren’t late is important. If they don’t know that you’ve started the party already, they might come over when the party is nearing to a close. That wouldn’t be fun. Put what time the party is going to start and what it’s going to end so your guests can come prepared.
  • Place of the Party
    Where’s the party? You wouldn’t want your guests getting lost. They might be inconvenienced. Make sure to tell them where exactly the party is going to be taking place to make sure that they get accurate information and won’t get lost and wind up late.
  • Extra Information
    What should we bring? You need to tell your guests some things about the party that you deem important. Such as what to wear if it’s a costume party or a formal one. You may want to tell them to bring gifts if it’s a birthday as well. This will give your guests and their children ample time to prepare for the party itself.

So, what do you think? Hopefully, this list helped you find the best Mickey Mouse invitation template that you can use for your child’s party. Hope you have a fun time. If you’re looking for more invites that children would love, try these Cinderella invites.

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