The mobile phones that you use nowadays mostly use the Android operating system, some use the IOS. It is natural that the user by mistake deletes the data that is stored in the mobile phones. And then, how is it possible to recover the deleted data which can be anything, starting from photos, messages, contact details, video files?

There is the mobile data recovery software, which when used helps the user to recover the deleted data. There are a number of such software programs available and choosing the most appropriate one solely rests on the user. The following list highlights some of the important mobile data recovery software programs.

1. Stellar Phoenix data Recovery software


  • The software is an incredible one, capable of retrieving lost or deleted data from the Android based smart phones.
  • It is capable of recovering the lost data that can be text messages, contacts, pictures, history from the smart phone devices.
  • It recovers email ids, phone numbers along with the name from the internal memory of the smart phone devices.
  • It allows the recovery of pictures that are stored in the mobile phone devices.

2. Free Android Data Recovery Software


  • There are a number of software programs in the market that offer the customers to recover data from the Android based mobile phones.
  • The software is used to recover deleted text messages, data, pictures, videos, contacts, music files and documents on the Android mobile phones.
  • If the mobile phone got damaged, its operating system crashed because of virus attack, and then there is a possibility of file deletion. But, installing the software in your mobile phone helps to recover deleted data.
  • The user can use the software to complete data recovery from Android based mobile devices in a few simple steps.

3. Apowersoft Phone manager

Free Download

  • The app is an attractive and it allows the user to synchronize the data from the phone or tablet to a personal computer. The software‘s functions can be performed through the file manager of the Android operating system or iTunes of the IOS.
  • The software, upon installation, allows the user to do data synchronization.
  • It’s a nice tool that organize your device.
  • The software has a number of well organized options
  • It is a useful tool

4. Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Free Download

If your mobile phone is damage, its operating system has crashed and also you need the data stored in the mobile device. How can you recover the data of Android based mobile phones? By using the software Tenorshare Android Data-Recovery, you can recover lost, corrupted, and deleted data from the Android based devices that are connected to the Windows based personal computer.

The features of the software are as follows

  • It can recover lost pictures, contacts, videos, text messages, and even Android based system files.
  • The software is better for some versions of the Android mobile phones.
  • There are some websites from where the user can download the software for free.

Therefore, if there are any issues pertaining to your mobile phones, its operating system, and that has resulted in the deletion of the all important files that are stored in the mobile, then you need to choose any one of the mobile data recovery software that is mentioned and check if it is helpful to you. There are a number of other mobile recovery software programs that are available on the web, and you can check online for a better deal if you find one.

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