There are those times when you just can’t afford to miss it and you are on your way to work, a party or some place else.

Here are some of the must have to get your mobile tv going: mobile tv software download android, mobile tv software driver, mobile tv software download for Samsung, free mobile tv software download for Samsung mobile etc.

1. nexGTv-stream online videos easily

  • User friendly interface for a great viewing experience
  • 80+ channels for live streaming of your favourite shows, news, movies and more
  • Shows available depending on language and genre with pause and play feature along with resume option
  • Electronic program guide for all channels available on this
  • You can make easy switches between channels,
  • Bit rate streaming is very adaptable so you can modify video quality when speed is slow.

2. Axel Technologies Fuugo: for integrated support

axel technologies fuugo

This app has a trial run offered at google play and apple store which lets you get acquainted with the platform.
  • All broadcasted standards of TV are supported
  • Internet TV
  • Stream online videos and provides social media network services as well
  • The user interface is very consistent with improved video quality
  • Discover personalised content
  • Recommendation and sharing feature available
  • Con- there is a trial period and it’s not free

3. Peel: for working home theatres


  • Works on platforms like android and iOS.
  • It can turn the mobile device into a remote to shuffle through channels
  • Turns the device into a Tv guide to work all types of home theatres
  • No drawn out channel list make discovery of new shows easy.
  • Mosaic options for your favourite shows makes switches possible
  • Filter for genre available.

4. ROK TV: works on diverse connectivity

rok tv live

  • The best feature of this app is it doesn’t require you to have 3G; it works well with 2.5G as well as Wi-Fi.
  • The website provides a thorough walk through for the discovering all channel line ups and available channels.
  • You have to subscribe in order to use all its features, some features are available for trial services
  • Available to most major international carriers

5. SPB TV: for better Channel Previews

spb tv

  • Available in more than 20 countries worldwide
  • 200+ live channels are accessible through the SPB TV app
  • Offer on demand services for videos
  • Instant previews for all channels in here is available
  • Uses picture in picture method for fast browsing
  • Makes the device act like a TV guide
  • This is not a paid app, hence absolutely subscription free
  • Available for almost all types of mobile devices

6. Yamgo TV: for mobile devices and more

yamgo tv

  • This app literally works on most devices like iPad, mobile phones and other portable ones.
  • No specific mobile phone network required basic internet connection is all that is needed
  • It’s like an app, but there is no need to download it.
  • It’s adaptable to all mobile devices and networks and can adjust stream quality to deliver a better experience at any speed.

7. MobiTV: Schedule DVR recordings


  • Live channels are available from all around the world
  • The User interface is assimilated to for quick and easy movie, video and TV show watching
  • You can reserve DVR recordings from anywhere
  • Runs on all Android devices
  • You can record with a single touch any and all types of events
  • Search availability based on genre, actor, network or keyword for shows
  • 300+ live channels available
  • It’s free

8. Crackle- Movies & TV

crackle movies tv

  • Works on all types of android devices
  • Full length TV shows are available on this app
  • Works well on smartphones and tabs
  • More than 20 episodes of each show and movies are thoroughly updated every month.
  • Several genres with on demand videos on each
  • Con- it’s not ad free, commercials are present at certain time intervals
  • It’s absolutely free

9. IMDb Movies & TV: for all the reviews you can get

imdb movies tv

  • This app gives you access to all movie reviews and TV show reviews
  • More than 2M movie review available
  • No more guessing, as it provides ratings for all your favourite TV shows and movies
  • High quality trailers are available at all times
  • Show timings for new releases are available
  • TV listings for nearby time zone available
  • Search with bar code scanning or cover pic images available

All of these tools available here operate great on devices mentioned are provide good quality videos with adjustable quality according to connectivity speed. So for a great viewing experience, visit app stores now and downloads to enjoy your favourite shows.

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