When businesses and companies hold a demonstration of their products to the people, they would always provide the audience with a visual representation of the product while explaining its best features and qualities.

The reason behind this is the fact that people are gain more knowledge and are more interested when they see something rather than just being able to hear or read the information.

With mockups, these images are commonly used to provide an audience with an image on what to expect out of the products being demonstrated, which in turn, can draw their attention more effectively.

Our website contains a wide range of mockup templates, from catalogue mock ups to stationary mock ups. So if you’re looking for mockup templates that you can use, you don’t have to look anywhere else because we have gathered the best ones for you.

Branding Mock up Templates

Flat Identity Branding

flat identity branding mock up template



Vehicle Branding

vehicle branding mock up1



Brand Identity Template

brand identity template



Stationery Branding

stationery branding



Clothing Mock up Templates

Photoshop Clothing Mock up Template

photoshop clothing mock up templates



Baby Clothes Mock-Up

baby clothes mock up



Baby Bodysuit Clothing

baby bodysuit clothing



Branding Apparel Clothing

branding apparel clothing



What are Mock Ups?

A mockup is defined as a design replica of a logo or a product which is being used to demonstration, instruction, and evaluation purposes.

Mockups may have a scale similar to the actual item, or it may also be either smaller in size for compact and portability, or it may also be larger than the actual size if intended to be visible to a big number of audience.

Mockups act similar to beta-testing, wherein it is shown to the public or a selected audience to be able to gather feedback and recommendations. They are usually presented as a prototype in behalf of the actual product. After gathering the needed feedback from the audience, the presenters of the mockup will take into consideration those data from the feedback, and use it to make improvements to the product to be able to finalize it.

There are other kinds of mockups aside from the ones used for product testing, such as desk mock ups, which are used to create a visual representation of a working desk.

Another example of a different kind of mockup are invitation mock ups, which act as a draft to an invitation card or letter used during events and celebrations.

Device Mock up Templates

Apple Device Mock up Template

apple device mock up template



Responsive Device

responsive device



Android Device

android devices



Multi Devices Mock up

multi devices mockup



Logo Mock up Templates

Corporate Mock up Template

corporate mock up template



Vintage Logo Mock Up Template

vintage logo mock up template



Smart Logo Mock up

smart log mock up



King Ultra Logo Template

king ultra logo template



How To Use Our Mock Up Templates

When using mockups for product presentations or demonstrations, you would need to consider what the audience wants to see to be able to grab their full attention. You don’t just simply present something uninteresting to people, careful planning and execution should be involved to make the most out of your mockups.

Once you have caught their attention during the presentation, you should learn how to keep them focused until the end by constantly addressing their interests.

To help you out on how to use our mockup templates, follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Determine the purpose of your mockup to narrow down your choices when looking for the necessary templates. If you are trying to present a product in particular, you may go through our collection of product mock ups. However, if you are trying to promote an entire brand or business in general, then you may refer to our collection of branding mock ups. Every category of mockups have their own purpose, just make sure to choose the one that suits what you need to present.
  • Download your chosen mockup template by clicking on the download button next to the thumbnail. Save the file on your computer and be sure to remember where you saved it to.
  • Using your photo editor of choice (we recommend you use Adobe Photoshop for the highest compatibility), open the downloaded template and make the necessary edits. These templates are fully editable, and you can easily add and remove elements from it according to your preferences.
  • Once you have finalized the appearance of your mockup, save it back to your computer as a separate file. This way, if you need to start over or make another mockup based on the same template, you won’t need to download it again and you will only need to reuse the raw and unaltered mockup template.
  • If you choose to have your mockup printed, just make sure to use high quality paper and set your printer to print on the best setting possible to be able to preserve the high quality of your mockup.

Magazine Mock up Templates

Book & Magazine Mock up

book magazine mock up



Landscape Magazine Template

landscape magazine template



A4 Magazine Mock up

a4 magazine mock up


Mobile Mock up Templates

Mobile App Mock up

mobile app mock up



Home Mobile Mock up

home mobile mock up



Cafe Restaurant Mobile

cafe restaurant mobile mock up



Mobile Display

mobile display



Product Mock up Templates

Product Box

product box



Consumer Products

consumer products



Pharmaceutical Products Mock-up

pharmaceutical products mock up



Cosmetic Products

cosmetic products



Who Can Use Our Mock Up Templates?

While it may no longer be appropriate to say that these mockup templates can only be used by graphic artists, since in reality, you don’t need to be one to be able to gain access to these templates.

What’s important is that, you should be familiar in the use of photo editors and are creative enough in designing your own mockups. The bottom line is that, any person can use our mockup templates as long as they are knowledgeable and skillful enough.

If you are managing a business and are tasked at designing mockups for your products, then our templates are perfect for that purpose.

If you are trying to present digital media in the form of compact disks, then we have CD mock ups that you can use, simply personalize the print on the CD according to how you want it to look.

On the other hand, if you are presenting a prototype of a device or a gadget, then you can also browse through our collection of device mock ups which were specifically made for that purpose.

Shirt Mock-up Templates

T-shirt Template

t shirt template



Woman T-Shirt Mock up

woman t shirt mock up



White T-shirt Mock up

white t shirt mock up



Polo Shirt Template

polo shirt template



Stationery Mock up Templates

Clean Stationery Template

clean stationery template



Photo realistic Stationery

photo realistic stationery



Corporate Stationery Mock-up

corporate stationery mock up



Business Stationery Template

business stationery template



Why Should You Use Our Mock Up Templates Over Others?

Then the age-old question gets asked, “Why should one choose our templates over other competing websites that are also offering mockups?“. These types of questions often get asked especially when a web user is looking into different websites for reference but is actually searching for the same thing.

And of course, these competing websites would need to outdo each other by stating the best features of their templates, the easy accessibility, and the affordability.

Here are a few reasons to further convince you to stay on our website and use our templates:

  • Our mockup templates have been chosen from among the best ones on the internet, and were designed by inventive and skillful graphic artists.
  • Our mockup templates are varied, and they range from apparel mockups to book mock ups.
  • Our mockups are very easy to download as long as you have stable internet connection. Downloading these can be done simply by clicking on the download button near the thumbnail.
  • These mockup templates are in high resolution, which assure you of the best quality even if you choose to have it printed.

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