Spending is always tempting, but one should keep an eye on future – Nobody knows what tomorrow has in store for you. No, it’s not something to scare you away.

Money management is a crucial function of modern man and here is a list of software which will manage your money.

1. Monefy Manager

To track your money recordings, even the expense of a coffee this application will help you. It has an android application. The Dropbox feature of the application helps in easy synchronization of your data.

  • User-friendly.
  • Widgets that would appear on lock screen.
  • Budget mode.
  • Calculator.
  • Ad-free

2. Spending Tracker

It is one of the most useful smartphone applications. It operates on a simple logic, to track your expenses to save money. It will enable you to have a control upon your financial deals. It is available in the stores of iOS, android, and windows.

  • User-friendly operations.
  • Exclusive designs for tablets.
  • Enables you to track the financial dealings in daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Multiple accounts could be created for varying purposes.

3. Good Budget

It is considered to be the best application available for envelop budgeting. This software program is aimed for those who want to keep the record their money movements. Good Budget enables one to create digital envelops.

  • Smartphone application and Website.
  • Free and Paid versions
  • Free version keeps a history of one year.
  • It also offers community supports.
  • The paid version offers unlimited regular and annual envelops.
  • Could be used in five devices.
  • Available in Apple and Android stores

4. Buxfer

Buxfer is not desktop software but is an online program to manage your budget and expenses. You will have to open an account in the website and upload banking details. It is the winner of Bronze Award for the Best Personal Financial Software.

  • It offers one hundred percent security to your banking data.
  • It synchronizes with more than 10000 banks.
  • Visual tools to explain your expenditure.
  • Will point at your irregularities.
  • Tag organization.

5. Mint

It is also a web-based personal financing program. Mint App runs in iPhones and android operating system. At a glance, its dashboard will provide your financial summary. It is a free software program. Also, Mint watchfully notices the upcoming financial deals and will notify you.

  • Manage budgets and track the expenses.
  • Goal tracking and managing.
  • Credit scores will be under its monitoring.
  • Software applications available in iOS and Android.
  • Notifications and alarms, via email and SMS.

6. Bill Guard

All your bank activities will be taken care of by Bill Guard. It is available in android and iOS app stores. It was selected as the best android apps in 2014 and CNN has identified it as the best app to manage money. The latest update comes out with credit score and identify.

  • The spending meter of the application categorizes your spending and keeps its history.
  • It protects you from unfair charges and keeps you away from frauds.
  • Helps to save your money for future goals.

7. Mvelops

The most important feature of Mvelops is it is capable of doing complicated budgeting’s. Mvelop could be connected to financial institutions, which will make you update of what is your financial stands. It runs in android and iOS platforms.

  • Mvelop will pay your bills and plan your budget
  • It updates your financial status.
  • User-friendly smartphone applications.


9. Quiken

10. Personal Capital

11. Moneydance

12. MechCAD

13. BankTree

Now, you can allow software to do all your financial dealings and sit back and relax. Let, the technology takes the worries.

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