Organizing movies manually may be a very difficult thing to do when you have a vast collection. The Movie Catalog Software helps to organize movies and also music, pictures, video etc. and play them sequentially. Movies are pleasingly arranged with this software and are stacked on a virtual shelf. So when your cabinet is overflowing with CDs and DVDs of your favourite movies or music, don’t just create an excel sheet to keep the records but also get hold of any of the below software to catalogue and manage your collection.

1. Ant Movie Catalog

ant movie catalog

This free open source program which can be used to manage a categorical collection of movies DVD, CD, DivX, etc and tapes. Here is why Ant Movie Catalog is a good option:

  • download information from Internet.
  • convert to other formats, SQL commands, CSV.
  • Store pictures inside catalogue or link to external file.

2. Personal Video Database

personal video database

It is one of the best video cataloguing software where you just need to enter the title of the movie and it will retrieve the details from online resources. Personal Video Database includes features like:

  • integrating directly to IMDB.
  • downloading DVD cover and posters from various sites.
  • customizable interface with different viewing options like grid, threaded etc.

3. Movienizer


This will allow finding and collecting information about the favourite movies in no time. Get the whole list of movies, cast, and crew in no time. Movienizer also has:

  • updated track on everything concerning movies.
  • mark the accurate location of the media.
  • define movies according to viewer’s choice.

4. My Movies

my movies

This is yet another easy and resourceful movie organizing software which can help to regain movie information from IMDB with a single click. The other features of My Movies are:

  • deciding and prompting the choice of movies according to rating or genre.
  • automatically add movies to the shelf.
  • play the parts of the movies including subtitles.

5. Movie Monkey

movie monkey

When you need to organize movies automatically in a folder, it is the best movie cataloguing software. The rating and genre can also be categorically be identified by this software.

  • cleverly distinguish the titles of movies from the file names.
  • easily classify according to rating and genre.
  • download plot-line and posters from the internet.

6. My Movie Manager

my movie manager

When you need to list your personal collection on the hard disk, My Movie Manager is a good choice. It can also:

  • discover video files and try to recognize them.
  • Download poster of the movie, the movie plot, year of release, etc.
  • create an easy-to-locate database of your personal movie collection.

7. Free Movies Box

free movies box

This is the perfect software for cataloguing movies, with its own dedicated online movie database known as MOODb. It will be thus possible to search the movies from MOODb for information and images.

  • Add all your movies and videos collections to MOODb.
  • get your very own web URL.

These software are a bliss for the movie buffs which can help to catalogue and categorise the DVD and Blu-Ray movies, cast, crew & cover art in no time at all.

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