Mp3 recorder software – download to save your favourite track
Using MP3 Sound Recorder software is one of the easiest options that can help you record the sound and save the recording into common file formats such as MP3 or WAV format.

Some of the recorders also help to schedule recording and also get the batch file name changed. Here are some of the best 9 software.

1. RadioSure


This is a free MP3 recorder which is loaded with plethora of smart features. Working both as a downloader as well as an internet radio player, it also offers features like:

  • compatible with several MP3 quality levels
  • split music files automatically
  • records from the source bit rate and maintains the sound quality

2. iSkysoft Audio Recorder

iskysoft audio recorder

iSkysoft Audio Recorder is a complete software package which includes a wealth of features and can help create one’s own music library. The other features are:

  • supports both MP3 and M4A file formats
  • tag the files according to artists, albums, track title etc.
  • supports all versions of Windows

3. Aktiv MP3 Recorder

aktiv mp3 recorder

If you need a simple MP3 voice recorder software, Aktiv MP3 Recorder is a trusted name. The other interesting features are:

  • offers quality audio recording with simple user interface
  • file size can be customised without affecting the quality
  • use scheduler to organize recordings

4. WireTap Studio

wiretap studio

To record audio from anywhere irrespective of the source, WireTap Studio is a loved choice for both professionals and beginners. It essentially has the other features such as:

  • can record two audio sources at a time
  • lossless audio editing and cropping
  • organize in any library to get easy access

5. SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder

soundtap streaming audio recorder

With SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder application, anyone can record audio files including VoIP calls. These are the other features are:

  • compatible with all popular media players
  • crop and customise the recorded files
  • supports wide array of codecs
  • quality loss of recorded files is very less

6. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

apowersoft free online audio recorder

To record any audio track like music or voice recordings, Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a wise choice. It is filled with advanced features such as:

  • recording audio files on online mode is free of cost
  • can literally record all sorts of sound that you can listen online
  • convert the files into compatible audio formats

7. MP3 My MP3 Recorder

mp3 my mp3 recorder

MP3 my MP3 Free Sound Recorder is an easy to use program that lets you record the sound being processed by your sound card and save your recording directly to MP3 or WAV format. Here are its other features:

  • simple user interface, making it suitable for both personal and professional choice
  • Automate recorder with a simple scheduler

8. Online Voice Recorder

online voice recorder

To name yet another simple MP3 recorder is Online Voice Recorder which enables you to record the audio files from microphone. It has some essential features such as:

  • supports high quality sound recording from microphone
  • crop and edit the audio files depending on your choice and need
  • extremely user-friendly interface

9. Vocaroo


To record voice directly from microphone or other online websites, use Vocaroo application. It is perfect for both professional and personal use and has features such as:

  • record messages and audio files as per your choice
  • get a preview of the recorded voice messages
  • share it via email other personal webpages

Concluding thought

Why use the best free mp3 recording software windows 7?

There are some essential features of all the mp3 recorder free download. For instance, each of them can be used to play the recorded files from the programs directly. Most importantly, with any of the mp3 voice recorder, you can customise the length of the recorded files. This means, depending on the choice and need, you can trim the duration of the audio files. Split the files either with silence or with extended time to make it sound like your preference. All of the above listed tools are amongst the best mp3 recorder which is why even after customising, they do not affect the quality of the sound. One of the essential features of the mp3 recorder online software is that it can even convert the audio files from the copy-protected music tracks.

How to use

To record any songs or music into MP3 files, the first step is to launch the preferred mp3 audio recorder. Then get the recording mode activated which generally is nothing more than a single click function. The user friendly interface makes the recording procedure simpler. And finally, you need to open the browser where you can navigate the track that you want to download. As the file is selected and the track starts playing, the MP3 recorder will detect and start recording.
Whether you need scheduled recording or want to convert CD tracks to MP3 with batch renaming – the above listed software can be serve as the best options.

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