If good MP3 software is what you need to fulfill your musical needs, go through our top 10 list of MP3 software downloads.

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1. Muziic Player 2.0- Free MP3 Software

muziic player

This  software organizes and aggregates the best music channels on the web.

  • Let’s you access and play millions of songs online for free and in a completely legal and legitimate way
  • Consists of an extensive music catalog that includes classic hits, recent hits and associated video clips of the songs
  • Allows you to check different playlists and channels created by other users and even helps create your own playlist
  • Helps you mark your favorite channels and add skins to the program’s user interface

2. KM Player Versatile MP3 Software


This free software allows fast streaming of music and videos.

  • Supports different file formats including AVI, ASF, WMV, AVS, FLV, MKV and many others in both audio and video forms.
  • Its small desktop footprint and minimalist interface enhance quick video playback.
  • Fully skinable interface with change of color upon introduction of new track and has the ability to import the album art.
  • Supports 3D formats and lets you add your own album.
  • Customizations such as plug-ins and visualizations are inserted upon your request.

2. Universal Jukebox The Party MP3 Software

universal jukebox

The Jukebox MP3 Software manages your music repository in an efficient manner.

  • ‘Now Playing’ top panel LED display is fully customizable
  • Consists of folders which help you create playlists, toggle play modes and search the library for music tracks
  • Options menu is extensive and consists of interesting features like cross-fading and hot key setup
  • Consists of a ‘Party Mode’ which makes it impossible to skip tracks, making it the ideal musical tool to be used during parties and social gatherings.
  • It is completely free.

3. Winyl 3.0.1- The personal MP3 Software


This software helps you personalize your music library to suit your preferences.

  • Consists of dual interface with the primary section dealing with current playlists and the secondary section filtering music according to different criteria.
  • It helps you add complete folders or individualized files via a personal add menu option.
  • It includes support for star ratings and also displays ID tags.
  • Consists of a wide variety of skin options, making it ideal for users who like to add a personal touch to their musical experience.

4. iTunes 64 bit 12.1.2- The Modern MP3 Software

itunes 64 bit

This software assists in collating diverse music collections from different genres into a single space.

  • Browse by albums as clicking on an album will show the tracks it consists of.
  • Album artwork analyzed to create a colored background for each album.
  • ‘Up Next’ feature introduced which helps you add songs in the queue from wherever you are in the interface
  • Dedicated pane on the right for playlists
  • iCloud integration has been tightened which will now show you every track you’ve brought from iTunes in your music library.

5. Zoom Player 9.5- The High Quality MP3 Software

zoom player

This software offers high quality streaming options in online music.

  • Comes installed with a Graphic Equalizer and Playlist Editor
  • Professional version of the player comes with safety features such as password protection, Media Definition plus Web Remote allowing you to control the player from your web browser and an extended command line interface.
  • Supports Playback of DRM protected movies and music
  • Smooth playback with quick loading of files and ID3 tag support enabled.
  • Skin editor option provided multiple skin options.

6. Windows Media Player 11.0- The Traditional MP3 Software

windows media player

The Windows Media Player Software is one of the oldest and most reputed MP3 softwares in the market.

  • Lets you play both audio and video tracks
  • Helps you extract audio CDs directly to WMA or burn videos and music to CDs.
  • Enhanced maintenance of multimedia files sourced from the hard drive, portable devices such as iPods or other MP3 players and music downloaded online
  • Lets you download themes, add-ons and visualizations to add a personal touch.
  • Completely free of cost with no extra charges applied for the upgradation.

7. Winamp- The Useful MP3 Software


This software helps you play your music in an efficient manner.

  • Using the skins, you can design it to look like the original default which puts you in control of all your media in an efficient manner
  • Consists of a minimized player that contains a small bar which can be placed on the edge of the screen
  • Supports a wide range of file formats
  • Compatible with the iPod by virtue of its innumerable plug-ins and helps you manage the music library.

8. Blubster- The Simple MP3 Software


This software assists in finding you professional streaming sites online.

  • Helps you find professional quality streaming files
  • Search and Download MP3 files from the MANOLITO protocol community
  • Option of ‘Voice Chat’ provided to connect with other music lovers with the same preferences which you can track in the ‘hot list’
  • Clean and simple interface with clear buttons and navigation toolbar on top.
  • Post weblinks of your music files which can be sent via email to be disseminated by Blubster

9. Cherry Player- The advertisement free MP3 Software


This MP3 Software aids the user in finding the latest and current songs on the market, online.

  • Easy to use music streaming application with no advertisements
  • Consists of the all the latest and trending songs in its huge music chart.
  • Even plays the tracks you have on your hard drive which will entail dragging them to the player and adding them to your playlist.
  • Supports watching and downloading from YouTube and provided quality options when downloading a video.
  • Videos downloaded in.flvs format only.

Thus, with our collection of diverse MP3 softwares, the process of finding music to listening to it has become simpler. Now, any song and any music you want to listen to will be available at the click of a button on your Computers and mobiles!

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