Network monitoring tools are extensively used by both small an large enterprises to deal with slow and failing componets in the network. These tools and software, alerts the user via email, SMS or any other kind of alarm set by the administrator. We will provide you information about some of these tools and software that are available for free online.

Top 7 Network Monitoring Software

1. Nagios – open source software application

This powerful network monitoring software is open source and provides complete solution by monitoring not just servers but also switches and applications. This software can efficiently report any problems from any node of a big infrastructure. If you are dealing with a small firm or home setup having not more than 7 nodes then we suggest you to download the free version of NagiosXI.

key features:

  • monitors servers, system metrics, network protocols, applications, services and network infrastructure.
  • alerts delivered via email, SMS or custom script
  • reports the need for necessary upgradation before the failure occurs.
  • fixes minor problems automatically

2. The Dude – enabled with auto scanner

This awesome software improves your capability to manage risky network environment very efficiently by automatically scanning all devices within specified subnets and alerting the admin whenever there is any problem.

key features:

  • draw and layout a map of your networks
  • supports custom icons and backgrounds
  • supported by Linux Wine, MacOS Darwine and Windows systems
  • easy to install and use.

3. Advanced IP Scanner – detect wireless devices

This dynamic software is fast and can retrieve information about any network device including wireless devices such as mobile phones, WIFI routers and printers.

key features:

  • get access to HTTP, shared folders, FTP, HTTPS RDP and Radmin.
  • user friendly interface
  • can remotely wake on LAN and shut down
  • its free and fast

4. Capsa Free – portable network analyzer

This advanced network monitoring software is portable so that you can monitor your network from anywhere and get real time access to your nodes, both LAN and WLAN. It is available on Windows platform.

key features:

  • automatic expert diagnosis
  • overview of your entire network
  • troubleshoot problems in your network quickly

5. WireShark – network protocol analyzer

WireShark allows you to analyze your network at a microscopic level. It performs packet decoding and is available on multiple platforms,  like Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, NetBSD etc.

key features:

  • live capture and online analysis
  • user interactive GUI
  • quick, intuitive analysis of network
  • output can be exported to XML, plain text etc.

6. OpenNMS – enterprise grade network management application

OpenNMS is designed to handle network monitoring in large enterprises. It is a free and open source software.

key features:

  • highly customizable
  • provides commercial support and consulting
  • specialized client app for iPhone and iPad users

7. Total Network Monitor – local network monitoring software

Total Network Monitor is a local network monitoring software that examines individual computers in depth. It has a free trial version with some limitations.

key features:

  • generates detailed report on the circumstances of failure
  • diplay status of your network in real time
  • executes predefined actions set by the user

This list contains information depending on key features and free versions provided by the network monitoring tools and software, based on current available information. We hope that you find this list usuful while searching for network monitoring software best suited for your enterprise.

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