Are you worried about converting your XML files into Excel formats? Well here is a list of seven websites that will help you to convert your files. You don’t have to download any software for this purpose; everything could be dealt in online.

Most of the online services also many other services, which will help you to do multiple works at a time.

1. Xml Grid

xml grid


Xml Grid is a free online service to convert your XML files into an Excel spreadsheet. All you need is to go to the website and upload the file. There are options for copy paste, file upload, and online files could be converted by entering URL.

  • Easy to operate.
  • Demo video available.
  • XLS and CSV outputs are available.
  • It has the option to edit and view XML files.
  • Excel to XML conversion is also possible.

2. Document Conversion Tools

document conversion tools


It is a multi-platform for conversion. It has many tools for document conversion. XML files could also be converted in this online free service, to Excel XLS format.

  • Files up to the size of 150MB.
  • Easy operation.
  • Safe.
  • Time depends on the size of the file.
  • Also supports many another conversion.

3. Luxon



With its free online tool, Luxon converts your XML files into Excel format. Excel files will be supported in any program to open the spreadsheet and gives a convenient view.

  • Easy operations.
  • Maximum file size 4MB.
  • XLS and XLSX are the output formats.
  • There is an advanced option available to upload DTD files.
  • Time depends upon the file size.
  • Files could be directly downloaded, once the operation is completed.
  • The file will be downloaded only in ZIP format.

4. Zamzar

zamzar 1


It is an online service to convert your XML files to Excel spreadsheets. Choose your file or paste the URL.

  • Maximum file size limit is 10MB.
  • It only supports XML files.
  • A security code provided by the website should be entered for processing.
  • It also has tools for document conversion and editing.
  • It is free and safe.
  • Direct download is possible.

5. Daemon services

daemon services


It offers online tools for document conversions, free of cost. To convert an XML file to all you need to do is to browse the file in your system and upload it, click the convert button.

  • Safe and easy to use.
  • A status bar appears to show the status of conversion.
  • Directly download the converted file.
  • File size limit is 150 MB.
  • Other conversions are also possible in this website.

6. Json-xls

json xls


It is an online service, which offers a range of document conversion tools. Jason-xls converts your XML file into Excel spreadsheet. The website asks for a human verification.

  • XLS and XLSX output formats are available.
  • Paste, Upload and URL options are available to add the file.
  • Quick and error free.
  • Automatic download.
  • Options for layout and view.
  • Human verification needed.

7. Office Converter

office converter


Office Converter is one of the document converter available to convert your XML files to Excel spreadsheets. This free online tools also supports many other document conversions.

  • Batch conversion is possible.
  • Multiple conversion option is available to convert many files individually.
  • The status bar is available to check the progress of conversion.
  • Multimedia, archive and e-book conversions are also possible in this website.

8. Altova MapForce


The above listed online services are not exclusive in XML to Excel conversions. They are used for a variety of document conversions.

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