It is important for pharmacies to keep track of the things they sell over the counter and to also make sure they are giving the correct medication to buyers. There is the occasional human error when doing these things, however with Pharmacy Software integrated into the computer systems of pharmacies, those mistakes are less likely to happen again as all a pharmacist needs to do is look at their screen and the system will make sure they’re looking at the right information.

6+ Best Other Pharmacy Software

1. ScriptPro Telepharmacy

scriptpro telepharmacy


Rating: 4.1/5

Price: Custom


2. PrescribeWellness



Rating: 4.2/5

Price: Custom


3. Pharmapod



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Custom


4. IntegriChain iCyte Platform

integrichain icyte platform


Rating: 4/5

Price: Custom


5. InSites Asset Management

insites asset management


Rating: 4/5

Price: $2000/Month


6. InSilicoTrials



Rating: 4/5

Price: Custom


7. INR Online

inr online


Rating: 4.8/5

Price: Custom


What is a Pharmacy Software?

Pharmacy Software is computer software that provides a system that organizes and maintains information about medications used within pharmacies. Pharmacists make use of these systems to keep track of their inventory of medicine and medical items to maintain the supply. Whether the pharmacy is in a retail store or in a hospital, their computer systems have this software.


Using Pharmacy Software brings a lot of benefits to pharmacists at their work. For starters, Pharmacy Software helps keep track of their prescriptions by overseeing and keeping stock, which is important since they are handling over-the-counter drugs. Pharmacy software also prevents the chances of human error occurring when handling things like billing or handling medication.


You would think all Pharmacy Software is the same considering most Pharmacies operate in the same fashion, however, there are still a few kinds of Pharmacy Software that are designed with specific features. The most essential features should help pharmacists with easily checking inventory and keeping track of the numbers in bills or medication. Here are the essential features you should check for when choosing your own Pharmacy Software to integrate into your computer systems.

Top 10 Pharmacy Software

1. GoFrugal

GoFrugal allows pharmacists to have a central customer database along with other features like an inventory management module, inventory reports, customer order forms customers and set up automated ordering.

2. LS Retail

Ideal not just for pharmacies but other businesses too. Features include management of the supply chain, inventory, store operations, eCommerce, and customer loyalty.

3. PrimeRx

PrimeRx Software is a hybrid pharmacy management solution. Features include point-of-sale capabilities, barcode generation, pill imaging, inventory management, and compounding.

4. SRx

This pharmacy software is made by pharmacists for pharmacists. Its features include integrating document management, Point of Sale (POS), inventory management, delivery, and eSignature capture.

5. Rx30 Pharmacy System

An end-to-end pharmacy management solution designed for pharmacies of all sizes. Features include users being able to capture electronic signatures, scan IDs, and offer detailed inventory tracking, and price updates.

6. Abacus Pharmacy Plus

Designed for businesses in the health sector. Primarily used to help with process prescriptions and creation of purchase orders.

7. Epicor for Retail

Designed specifically for independent retailers. Features include Inventory Management, POS, Analytics, and Reporting, as well as eCommerce.

8. Medicin Pharmacy Management Software

Boasts automated systems that allow pharmacists to manage purchase returns, purchases, sales, sale returns, short items, and other businesses. It is also available as a mobile app for easy accessibility.

9. Dr. First

Dr. First has artificial intelligence that aids in medication management making it easy for users to deal with other tasks. Other features help users with care team collaboration and patient connectivity.

10. Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EHR

A software that is a hybrid EHR solution that helps clinicians in hospitals and ambulatory facilities. Features include management of medical record processes, built-in templates, and electronic medical record creation.

What is the difference between Pharmacy Software and Hospital Management Software?

Pharmacy Software focuses on the inventory of a pharmacy, while Hospital Management Software handles that as well along with all manner of hospital issues like patient information for example.

Who usually uses Pharmacy Software?

Pharmacists in general are the ones who make use of Pharmacy Software.

What does Inventory Management System mean in regards to Pharmacy Software?

An Inventory Management System is a feature in Pharmacy Software that helps users manage the inventory of their pharmaceutical supplies through an organized online system.

While keeping inventory is the main point of Pharmacy Software, this also gives pharmacists less workload when keeping stock of their supply. They can also focus on the other aspects of their work like interacting with customers and making sure they got what they need medical-wise. A Pharmacy Software that is tailored to your pharmacy branch specifically can also make the workflow move so easy as well for your workers.

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