Peer-to Peer chat signifies easy and direct communication between the users or nodes involved. Widely used in offices, these P2P chat software allows smooth conversation and file sharing options between the colleagues, without compromising on the privacy of a network. Divided into two categories of F2F (friend to friend) and group based system, the software allows only mutually connected people in F2F system and group based system allow any user to connect with another thus securing your conversation completely.

We present you the list of top 7 P2P chat software for your PC that will prove to be helpful in easy communication and sharing files with privacy intact:



The software allows you to connect easily with your friends and colleagues over local area network. This makes it widely used in offices, colleges and other small networks. The salient features include:

  • No Server needed
  • Instant Messaging service
  • File sharing facility
  • Group Chat Option
  • Image Avatar
  • Chat history
  • Interactive Icons to represent felling and moods


softros lan messenger

Another Messenger that works best for Windows and has interactive features to make chatting easy and beyond simple conversation is SOFTROS LAN messenger. The key features include:

  • No internet connection required
  • Easy file sharing options
  • Offline and Group messaging facility
  • Maintains privacy and completely safe and secure
  • Easy to install and user friendly interface
  • Message history



SQUIGGLE is also one of the most used P2P chat software. Distinctive features like Voice chat option makes it unique. Key features include:

  • Server Less P2P chat software
  • Voice chat option
  • Fast and Multiple fire transfer facility
  • Options of Group, Broadcast and private Chat
  • Spell check, Buzz, Emoticons and audio alerts available
  • Bridge for connecting two local area networks across WAN
  • One can also use SQUIGGLE in the native or preferred language


lan messenger

A software that fulfills all your P2P chart needs include features like:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Broadcast , Personal and Group Messaging
  • No internet Required
  • Easy File Transfer option
  • Saves Chat History
  • Safe and Secure

5. CD Messenger

cd messenger

It is interactive software for smooth conversation over local area network without the server. The salient features of CD messenger include:

  • Instant and offline messaging
  • File Transfer
  • Conference rooms available
  • Chat History
  • Sticky Notes
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Buzz, emoticons and custom mood status

6. O Messenger


Unique P2P chat service designed especially for corporate, medium and small offices have exclusive features like:

  • Notes and reminders
  • Remote Desktop Sharing
  • No server needed
  • Voice and group chat
  • Instant Messaging File transfer

7. Loudtalks


Interactive P2P chat software allows easy communication between friends and colleagues. The key features include:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Contacts Availability and text status
  • Public channels

P2P chat software listed above inclusive of best features they provide are the most downloaded one. You can easily download and use them according to your communication needs.

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