This list will present the seven best free P2P File Sharing Software which will enable you to share a wide variety of files on multiple networks quickly and easily.

These are completely free and can be easily be downloaded for use on PC.

1. GigaTribe

gigatribe 1

This free P2P application will help you transfer and share the files to your close pals, relatives through a safe P2P network. You can start downloading and sharing the files with your chosen ones as soon as you become the member of this.

  • easy selection of the directories you need to share.
  • send invitation to friends who will become your member.

2. eMule


One of the best P2P sharing software, eMule has more features than you can ever expect. At the end, it gives a detailed download and complete statistics of the upload.

  • simple and straightforward interface.
  • Uses multiple networks like KAD, ED2K etc.
  • built-in functionality to correct the corrupted segments of the download.

3. Shareaza

shareaza 1

If you are looking for feature-laden P2P sharing program for Windows 10, this is what you need. By connecting to up to four P2P networks simultaneously, this provides a super fast file transfers. The powerful file hashing functionality makes it even smarter to use. Various p2p networks such as Bittorrent,Gnutella, Gnutella 2 eDonkey2000, etc. are supported by Shareaza. Sharing of partial files, Swarm Downloading, Filehashing, Ultrapeers, Upload queuing are some of the major features.

  • Efficient global search.
  • built-in media players and preview filters.
  • automatically detects the corrupted files.

4. Koolwire


Be it documents, programs, music, video or pictures, this free P2P file sharing software can be used even by the newbie’s.

  • supports proxy as well as UpnP.
  • secured connectivity with transport layer security.
  • a lightweight software compared to the similar others.

5. Movie Torrent

movie torrent 1

Download, search and share any variety of file types like movies, music, software etc. through this freeware, download and upload speeds can be customized according to your need.

  • IP filter, port mapping, disk cache, proxy are some of its major features.
  • speed limit can be detected.
  • simultaneous downloads and queuing them makes it more easy to use.

6. VIP Torrent

vip torrent 1

Lets you share and download big files like video, data, audio files in tiny parts, resume and pause downloads as per your wish.

  • efficient and fast torrents.
  • provides bandwidth management and online support.

7. TurboWire

turbowire 1

When you need to connect with millions of users for sharing files with data, movies, video, audio TurboWire is very efficient freeware.

  • Input fields artist, bitrate, genre, number, album etc.
  • efficient filtering with library management.
  • multiple search and auto connect options.

For safe and secure file sharing, multiple directories sharing, large files, and folders sharing, easy downloading of images, eBooks, video etc., the P2P file sharing software has always been a popular way of transferring content over the internet. Choose from any of the different software mentioned here which are designed specifically to let you share your files with your peers in no time!

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