Parties are the light of life. People love taking a break from all of the normality and repetition of everyday life from time to time to enjoy themselves. One of the best ways to do this is to get together with friends and throw a party. Of course, a party needs people in order for it to be fun. It’s hardly fun when you’re by yourself.

If you’re planning on hosting a party yourself, then you might want to hand out flyers in order to get more people to attend your party. Take a look at these 44+ party flyer templates that can help you design the perfect flyer for your party.

Speaking of party, another way of inviting others is through these free invitations templates. Invitations are more specific in terms of who receives them as compared to flyers. So be sure to check it out if that’s what you’re interested in.

Beach Party Flyer Templates

Paradise Summer Beach Party Flyer Template

paradise summer beach party flyer template



Beautiful Beach Party Flyer Template

beautiful beach party flyer template



Summer Dreams Beach Party Flyer Template

summer dreams beach party flyer template



Best Beach Party Flyer Template

best beach party flyer template



Summer Lights Beach Party Flyer Template

summer lights beach party flyer template



Christmas Party Flyer Templates

Red and White Christmas Party Flyer Template

red and white christmas party flyer



Children’s Christmas Party Flyer Template

childrens christmas party flyer templates



Company Christmas Party Flyer Template

company christmas party flyer templates



Jingle Jam Christmas Party Flyer Template

jingle jam christmas party flyer templates



Birthday Party Flyer Templates

VIP Birthday Party Flyer Template

vip birthday party flyer templates



Happy Birthday Party Flyer

happy birthday party flyer



Retro Birthday Party Flyer

retro birthday party flyer



Kids Birthday Party Flyer

kids birthday party flyer1



DJ Party Flyer Templates

Exclusive DJ Flyer Template

exclusive dj flyer template



DJ Battle Flyer Template

dj battle flyer template



Special Guest DJ Flyer Template

special guest dj flyer template



Guest DJ Flyer Template

guest dj flyer template



Kosmo DJ Flyer Template in PSD

kosmo dj psd flyer template1


Types of Flyers

There are all kinds of different parties for all different sorts of occasions. Choosing the right flyer isn’t quite as simple as you have to take the style and design into consideration. Pick a flyer that reflects the theme of your party.

Here are the types of flyers we have available that you will find on this list:

  • Beach Party Flyer Templates – It’s always a fun time to celebrate on the beach with others near the ocean and on the sand. Invite people over for a fun experience at the beach by handing out beach flyers. With the links provided to you on this list, you can customize the flyer to fit the mood of the party.
  • Pool Party Flyer Templates – A pool party is like a beach party, only much smaller and may not contain sand at all. Pool parties are relatively popular around summer for many reasons. You can invite your friends over for a dip in the pool using the appropriate flyer.
  • Christmas Party Flyer Templates – Everyone’s favorite holiday should be celebrated with friends and family. Christmas only happens once a year and is the perfect day to get together for a very special experience. These Christmas party flyers will help you give away a flyer that reflects the holiday mood.
  • Birthday Party Flyer Templates – That special day for all of us that only happens once a year. It’s no fun to celebrate our day of birth all by our lonesome. If you know someone who’s birthday is coming up, then throw them a party and invite their friends over using these flyers. You can even customize the flyers to reflect the theme of the birthday party.
  • DJ Party Flyer Templates – DJ’s are quite popular among the crowd nowadays. They’re featured in nightclubs everywhere. If you’re planning on throwing a DJ party for the occasion, then you can hand out these stylish DJ party flyers to get more people to come to your party.
  • Graduation Party Flyer Templates – Finishing one’s course of study isn’t easy. All those years studying and preparing for exams are tedious and time-consuming. If you’re planning on hosting a party for the graduates to congratulate them on their success and wish them a great future, then these graduation party flyers are sure to let them know in style.
  • Holiday Party Flyer Templates – Holidays are a great opportunity to strengthen the bond between a group of friends. You can design a holiday party flyer that reflects the upcoming holiday to hand out to guests.
  • New Years Party Flyer Templates – It’s time to embrace a full rotation of the Earth around the Sun. What better way than to bring everyone together and celebrate the New Year. Hand out these New Years Party Flyers to get everyone to come and celebrate the occasion with you.
  • Retirement Party Flyer Templates – When a person reaches a certain age, they finally decide to take a permanent vacation away from work. When this happens, it can be pretty sad for the other employees with whom the retiree has worked all these years. One great way to help show your appreciation for their hard work for the company is by throwing them one last party. Retirement party flyers help the other employees know that their long time coworker is getting one last party in his favor.
  • Thanksgiving Party Flyer Templates – It’s a great bonding experience for families and friends to sit down and eat together. Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion for one of these experiences. Tell everyone that you’re hosting a thanksgiving party by handing out these flyers.
  • Valentines Flyer Templates – It’s a great time for love and romance on this holiday. Many out there love to celebrate Valentine’s day by inviting friends over to celebrate with them. You can use these Valentine’s Day flyers that have been specially made for this holiday to hand out to your guests.

With all these flyers on this list available for you to customize and then use, you’re bound to find everything you need for party flyer templates.

Speaking of flyers, these flyer templates are like invitation templates, except flyers are more for the general crowd while party invitations target specific people. If you’re interested in inviting over only the people you know specifically, then the use of invitations is recommended.

Graduation Party Flyer Templates

Prom-Graduation Night Party Flyer

prom graduation night party flyer



Holiday Party Flyer Templates

Holiday Office Party Flyer Template

holiday office party flyer templates



Printable Holiday Party Flyer Template

printable holiday party flyer templates



Classic Holiday Party Flyer Template

classic holiday party flyer template



Chalkboard Holiday Party Flyer

chalkboard holiday party flyer



New Years Party Flyer Templates

New Year Eve Night Party Flyer Template

new year eve night party flyer template



Simple 2016 New Year Party Flyer

simple 2016 new year party flyer


Printable New Year Party Flyer 2017 for Club

printable new year party flyer 2017 for club



New Year Party Flyer Template Photoshop in PSD

new year party flyer template photoshop in psd



How to Make Your Flyer More Stylish

There are many ways you can make your flyer designs much more pleasing to the eye. With the templates provided to you from this list, it’s much easier to do so. All you need is a little creativity.

Here are things to consider in order to make your flyer more stylish:

  • Design – It can be rather important to consider adding some designs to your flyer to make it look much more aesthetic. Depending on what your party is for, you can add designs of your own choice to make the flyer look much more exotic and unique. Designs help give a flyer an identity of its own.
  • Theme – Now a theme can be very important for different reasons. One, it helps those who are invited to the party get an idea what the party is going to be about. This can help make the flyer feel that much more relevant to the party you are hosting.

Why Styling Your Flyer is Important

Believe it or not, how your flyer is designed and styled can affect the number of guests in attendance. Most people don’t want to admit it, but they have a tendency to judge at first glace. It’s best to show them that you’re putting quite the effort into your party in order to get them to come.

With the templates offered to you from this list, it’s quite easy to customize and add your own unique flavor into the flyers you are handing out.

What You Should Put In Your Flyer

A flyer isn’t all style and imagery. You need to put necessary information in it in order for people to know the details of your party. You need to make sure you inform them accordingly.

Here are things you need to put inside your flyer:

  • The Reason for the Party – Most people would want to know the reason for why the party is being held in the first place. While you can practically put whatever you want on the flyer, it’s important to let your guests know why you’re giving them a flyer for a party in the first place.
  • Time of the Party – Parties aren’t meant to go 24 hours a day. Some of your guests may have their own schedule. Telling them what time the party will start and what time it will end will help them be able to adjust their schedules so that your party won’t affect their work in any way. It’s also a great idea to do this so your guests won’t arrive too late into the party.
  • Date of the Party – Even more important is to remember to tell the guests when the party is going to happen exactly. It goes without saying, but if you don’t place the exact date the party is going to be held, then there might not be any guests at the party at all.
  • Venue of the Party – You need to remember to tell the guests where the party is going to be held. It’s very important so that they don’t get lost or get into an accident. Your guests will need proper directions, otherwise, they might end up getting lost or—worse—wouldn’t be able to attend at all.
  • Extra Details – It’s quite important to remember to tell your guests any extra details, such as what to wear to the party or what to bring. You may want to put your contact information so guests can call you if they can’t attend the party or if they have any inquiries.

Information can be very important to give away to your guests because this is a key factor as to whether or not your guests will even be able to attend.

Speaking of parties, one other kind party that needs specific information is a surprise party, if you’re throwing a surprise party, then you might want to get yourself these surprise party invitations.

Pool Party Flyer Templates

Sample Pool Party Flyer Template in PSD

free pool party flyer templates



Summer Pool Party Flyer in PSD

summer pool party flyer



Minimal Pool Party Flyer Template

minimal pool party flyer template



Pool Party Invitation Flyer

pool party invitation flyer



Event Pool Party Flyer in PSD

event pool party flyer



Retirement Party Flyer Templates

Retirement Party Invitation Flyer Template

retirement party invitations flyer template



Elegant Retirement Party Invitation Template

elegant retirement party invitation template1



Retirement Party Invitation Template in PSD and AI

beautiful retirement party invitation template



Thanksgiving Party Flyer Templates

Thanksgiving Night Flyer Template

thanksgiving night flyer template



Thanksgiving Day Home Party Flyer

thanksgiving day home party flyer1



Thanksgiving Restaurant Flyer

thanksgiving restaurant flyer



Thanksgiving Bash Flyer

thanksgiving bash flyer



Valentines Flyer Templates

Valentine’s Day Club Flyer Templates

free valentines day club flyer templates



Valentines Day Party Flyer Template


valentines day party flyer template



Happy Valentines Day Party Flyer


happy valentines day party flyer1



Elegant Valentine’s Party Flyer


elegant valentines party flyer



Tell Everyone About Your Party

These flyers can help let everyone know about the party you are hosting. Flyers, unlike invitations, are meant to target the general crowd rather than a specific group of people. They’re quite a popular way of inviting others to an event that isn’t too generally known.

If you’re working in a place that has a lot of people, and you’re hosting an event that you’d like everyone to know about, then use these flyers. They can be efficient in getting new people to come to your party.

Flyers are tools that can help you spread information, but there are other tools out there that can help you do the same. Another way of spreading information is through posters. Businesses often use posters as a means to advertise their products. If you’re interested in being able to advertise content, then these advertising posters will be able to help you.

How Can These Flyers Help You?

These flyers can generally convince people to come to your party when they see it. This is because the flyer’s aesthetic design can help let people see how much effort you’re really working on making your party more fun for them. If they see a plain and bland flyer, they’ll probably think that the party will reflect that flyer and wouldn’t be too interested in coming. They will most probably just make excuses as to why they can’t go.

Thankfully, with the help of these templates, you can customize the perfect flyer to hand out to your guests. No matter what the occasion is, these flyers can help convince more people to attend your party.

So, what do you think? Hopefully, this list helped you learn more about flyers and their uses. Feel free to customize them to your tastes.

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