A flyer is one of the many resources that you can use to spread out information to a wide group of people. It is often used by businesses and organizations to catch the attention of people into trying out the product or service they have in mind. But, flyer templates can be used for parties too.

Aside from the festivities and food to prepare for your parties, you also need to have invitations to send to your guests. To gather more people without producing too many cards, opt to use Event Flyer Templates instead. Download a template online to make one easily.

Wedding Party Flyers

Simple Wedding Party Flyer

simple wedding party flyer


Wedding Invitation Flyer

wedding invitation flyer



Retro Party Flyers

Retro Music Party

retro music party flyer1


Futuristic Retro Party

futuristic retro party flyer



Grunge Retro Party

grunge retro party flyer



Retro Club Party

retro club party flyer



Get the Party Started

Any occasion will get merrier when you have a crowd to celebrate with. Large groups of people bring more life to any party. The problem, though, is that when you give individual invitations, it would cost more on your part. That is where a Free Flyer Download comes into the picture. You can make your own flyer design and send them directly to a club, organization, or a group of people. It becomes the embodiment of multiple invitation cards. When one receives a flyer, it can instantly be assumed by then that the invitation is meant for everyone and not just for a single individual, unless stated.

Another important factor about flyers is that they are easy to distribute or post anywhere. They contain enough details that would encourage people to join the party, but not too long to bore them out to not continue looking at the flyers. You can find all sorts of flyers for different parties: from a wedding flyer to a retirement flyer, there are different designs which are readily available for you to use. Why go through a hard time of designing your own when you can use something more convenient?

Retirement Flyer

Elegant Retirement Party Invitation

elegant retirement party flyer



Vintage Party Flyers

Karaoke Night Vintage Flyer

karaoke night vintage flyer



Vintage Billboard Flyer

vintage billboard flyer



Wine Festival Vintage Flyer

wine festival vintage flyer



What to Write on Your Party Flyers?

The concept of every party flyer is simple. The contents are mostly the same for all, with some things slightly different from the others. Read the guide below to know the basics of making your own party flyers or even when customizing them.

  • The reason for the event
    Write on the Invitation Flyer Templates what the event is for. Inform the audience as to why you are throwing a party. A simple “Anniversary Party” or “Year End Party” will be enough. This will serve as the header for your invitations. Use a larger font size for this to put emphasis on it.
  • Date, time, and location
    These three are the most vital information that should not be left out in your invitations. Make sure that you supply the right information. Misinforming your guests of when and where to go will automatically defy the purpose of your flyers. Check what you wrote prior to sending the flyers for printing.
  • Contact person. Even flyers need to have a contact person and contact number written on it. This is because your guests might want to contact you for anything. It can be a last minute inquiry of how to get to your party or other questions, like what they should bring or if they can bring a plus one.
  • Restrictions, limitations, and rules. Every party has its own limitation. Make sure that you include those in your flyers. Write down what guests can or cannot wear or if you disallow an act during the event. Some of the restrictions include not wearing slippers or no bringing of sharp weapons at the venue.

These are just the basic information that you should learn from. You can always add your own details that you think you would need. Some other flyers you can use include photography flyer templates.

Birthday Party Flyers

21st Birthday Party

21st birthday party flyer



Birthday Party Flyer for Couple

birthday party flyer for couple



Elegant Birthday Flyer

elegant birthday flyer1



Flower Design Birthday Party

flower design birthday party flyer



Carnival Party Flyers

Vintage Carnival Flyer

vintage carnival flyer



Mardi Gras Party

mardi gras party flyer2



Masquerade Carnival

masquerade carnival flyer



Carnival Party Club

carnival party club flyer



Event Party Flyers

Youth Event Party

youth event party flyer



Summer Event

summer event flyer



Business Event

business event flyer



School Event

school event flyer



Party Flyers and Party Invitations: A Comparison

If you are unsure if you want to use flyers or cards for your invitations, the following points may help you figure out what you need.

Free Flyers and invitation cards are both acceptable for parties. But, when to use either is dependent on the occasion you are celebrating. For business parties, flyers are only suitable for your employees or for a certain department in an office. Invitation cards are more appropriate for your partners, clients, and investors. That alone makes the big difference between the two methods. Flyers, like advertising flyer templates, are more informal than the cards.

Another thing is that flyers and cards both require time and effort. However, cards require a bigger budget since they use special papers, fancier prints, and decent envelopes to store it with unlike flyers that can just be placed anywhere. For example, you can use a school flyer to invite other members of the educating community of a school to a dance party, homecoming party, and more. These can be placed anywhere without any fuss.

Consider the things mentioned above as you finalize the method you want to us for your party invitations.

Dance Party Flyers

Angel Dance Party Flyer

angel dance party flyer



Pole Dance Party

pole dance party flyer1



Dance Night Party

night dance party flyer



Valentine Party Flyers

Free Valentine’s Party


free valentines party



Happy Valentine’s Day Party

happy valentines day party flyer



Elegant Valentines Party


elegant valentines party



Summer Party Flyers

Summer Beach Party

summer beach party flyer



Summer Beach Pool Party

summer pool party flyer1



Summer Vibes Flyer

summer vibes flyer



When Can You Use Flyers?

There are various occasions when you can use different flyers. You can search for these events online to find the most suitable event flyers to use for it rather than searching vaguely for party event flyers and the likes. These are common celebrations that you will attend or host at least once in your life. Knowing what these flyers are will help you easily create your next flyers the next time you are hosting that type of party. Below are some examples on flyers.

  • Birthday party flyers
  • Anniversary party flyers
  • Christmas party flyers
  • Halloween party flyers
  • Easter party flyers
  • Surprise party flyers

Styles of Flyers

Some flyer styles are limited to a specific event while others are very generic which you can apply to any event you are hosting. Familiarize yourself with these styles to come up with better ideas. You can even combine some styles to create better ones.

  • Floral flyers
  • Retro vintage flyers
  • Rustic flyers
  • Modern geometric flyers
  • Minimal flyers

Overall, how your flyers are structured and how they look like is up to you. Show off your creativity as you customize the templates you see to have the best flyers to send for your parties.

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