When we host a party, it usually involves a lot of decision-making. From the venue, the date and time, the invitations, and the food, there is always planning involved. And what better way to make the process of planning easier than to make use of templates?

Here on our website, we have party menu templates available for you so you can list down the dishes that you will serve your guests during the party. We have a wide range of menu templates that you can download and use, from birthday party menu templates to event menu templates in general. Don’t hassle yourself, just search for the template that you need and we’ll provide it for you.

Tea Party Menu Templates

Tea and Coffee Party Menu

tea and coffee party menu template



Bridal Tea Party Menu Card Template

bridal tea party menu card template



Modern Tea Party Menu Design

modern tea party menu design



Birthday Party Menu Templates

40th Birthday Party Menu

40th birthday party menu template2



Free Birthday Menu Template

free birthday menu template2



Birthday Dinner Menu

birthday dinner menu template2



Sample Birthday Party Menu

sample birthday party menu template4



What Is a Party Menu Template and What Is It For?

A menu is a small, and sometimes large in size, piece of card that contains a listing of the food and beverages that will be served or are available in a given time. Menus may often change slightly, especially in food establishments. New dishes will be added and evaluated if it does well with the customers, and some dishes that are not well-liked are removed from it.

A party menu template is one that is used to create a menu for parties and occasions. Regular menus are usually made by either the owner of the food shop or the head chef, depending on who is in charge of handling the types of dishes that will be served to the public. Party menus are commonly done by the party organizers since they are responsible in planning everything about the party; unless the organizer delegated the task of making the party menu to another person.

There are other types of menu templates on our website. These include the dinner menu templates, which are generally found in restaurants, to provide the customers with a selection of dishes that are specifically cooked during dinner time only. We also have holiday party menu templates which contain dishes that are either only served during the holiday season, or just regular dishes with a twist to celebrate the holidays.

Holiday Party Menu Templates

Printable Holiday Party Menu

printable holiday party menu template



Elegant Holiday Party Menu

elegant holiday party menu template1



Formal Holiday Party Menu Design

formal holiday party menu design1



Dinner Party Menu Templates

Kid’s Birthday Party Menu


kids birthday party menu



Holiday Dinner Party

holiday dinner party menu template



Weekly Dinner Menu

weekly dinner party menu template



Lunch Party Menu Templates

Printable Lunch Party Menu

printable lunch party menu template



Multipurpose Lunch Party Menu

multipurpose lunch party menu template2



BBQ Lunch Party Menu

bbq lunch party menu template2



Make a Menu Using Menu Templates

Yes, the process of making a list of dishes to serve may be a very easy process, but make sure not to settle for a dull-looking one. Since you are putting up a fun and enjoyable party, why not make a fun-looking party menu to go with it? If your party has a theme or a motif, you can always incorporate that to your party menu to keep it from being boring and uninteresting-looking.

Today, the process of making your own party menu isn’t as complicated as it was during the time when templates were non-existent. You no longer have to make one from total scratch, (though you still can if you want to). You can already take advantage of the party templates that you can find on the internet, and most especially, on our website. Follow these simple steps to help you go through the process of writing and designing your own party menu:

  • Decide first the time that the party will take place. The time of the meal will almost always matter to the types of dishes that will be included on the menu.
    • E.g. For breakfast parties, the menu will most likely constitute of breakfast foods such as pancakes, omelettes, hot dogs, bread, and fruits.
  • The venue for the party may also be a factor to the choice of dishes for the party.
    • For house parties, we have house party menu templates which may include dishes that can be simply cooked at home, or could also be ordered from food catering businesses.
    • You can use our Pool Party Menu Templates if you are having a swimming pool. The menu would usually include sandwiches, fruits, and dishes that are cooked on location, such as grilled or barbecued meat.
  • Download your chosen template from our website.
  • Edit your party menu template on your computer using the appropriate software that is capable of opening and editing it.
  • Finalize your party menu template and have it printed.

Children Party Menu Templates

Printable Children’s Party Menu


printable childrens party menu



Children’s Vintage Party


childrens vintage party



Pool Party Menu Templates

Pool Party Food Menu

pool party food menu template



Pool Party Wedding Menu

pool party wedding menu template



Wedding Party Menu Templates

 Floral Wedding Menu Template

floral wedding menu template



Wedding Menu Design

wedding menu template design



Wedding Party Menu Design in PSD

wedding party psd menu design



Cocktail Party Menu Templates

Cocktail Party Drink Menu

cocktail party drink menu



Cocktail Night Party Menu

cocktail night party menu template



Don’t Skimp on the Menu

Having a menu for a party may not be as much of a big deal as it is for restaurants and fast food establishments. However, it adds to the uniqueness and creativity of the party if you provide your guests with a selection of dishes to help them choose what they want to eat.

  • Instead of having all the dishes displayed for the guests, which may be a risk of food wastage considering that some people may get more than what they are capable of eating, you can always give them a menu to help them decide on what to eat. At the same time, this limits the amount of food ideal for a single person.
  • Giving them a menu means no food is cooked beforehand. The dish will only be prepared if a person chooses to go for it. This way, the food that will be served to them is still hot and freshly cooked.
  • Menus are only commonly found in restaurants, which is why the thought of using menus for parties are quite unusual. This makes the food service at your party unique and interesting, and experiencing interesting parties are worth remembering.
  • You can also take advantage of holidays and occasions to make it as a theme to your party menus and the dishes included on it.
    • E.g. During Halloween, you can use our Halloween party menu template and add Halloween-themed images on it. You can even put a scary or ghoulish twist to the names of the dishes to make it even more unique.

House Party Menu Templates

House Party Menu

open house party menu



House Party Dining Menu

house party dining menu design1



Garden Party Menu Templates

Bridal Shower Garden Party Menu Design

garden party bridal shower menu design



Garden Party Wedding Menu

garden party wedding menu template



Spring Garden Party Menu Template

spring garden party menu template



Halloween Party Menu Templates

Modern Halloween Party Menu

modern halloween party menu template



Vintage Halloween Menu Template

vinatge halloween menu template



The Dish is Out!

If you have finally decided on how to make your party menu with the use of our free menu templates, the next thing to be concerned about is describing the dishes you will serve to your guests in the most delectable way possible. Here are some tips on how to describe your dishes:

  • You should always keep your food descriptions short and precise. Know how to use effective and enticing adjectives such as “savory” and “crispy” to describe the dish.
  • Know the guests that will be reading your menu. As much as possible, make the descriptions easy for them to understand, though you can always offer help by personally describing the dish further.
  • Place a picture of the dish to provide them with an idea on how sumptuous-looking it is.
  • Be sure to make the text clear enough for the guests to read easily.

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