While there has always been a dim view about the Password Recovery tools purely on the ethical reasons, but there is no denying that in certain situations can help you get out of technical traps.

Recovering the passwords can help you from reinstalling the OS all over again. Here is the list of the top seven password cracking software that can serve purposeful. Thank us later!


kon boot

Yet another free password program which is used to reset the passwords. All you need to do is burn the program and boot that from it. Here are other features:-

  • does not work with 64-bit versions
  • ISO image is smallest compared to the other recovery tools
  • No installation is required

2. Passward


To reset the Windows password, Windows Key is one of the most reliable options. Windows Key creates a bootable CD and after it’s done, you can get the lost password. Some of the major features are:-

  • can reset both local as well as domain admin account
  • promises almost 100% recovery rate
  • free trial is available but has the full version at $295.00 USD
  • can even recover from a file

3. Windows Password Unlocker

password unlocker

This tool can also help to create an USB or CD which can be booted to recover passwords. Some major properties are:-

  • available in three editions – Enterprise ($49.95 USD), Professional ($29.95 USD) and Standard ($19.95 USD)
  • standard version doesn’t support the USB flashdrive procedure

4. LCP

lcp 1

One of the most widely used user-account password recovery tool is LCP. Using a dictionary attack, this software can recover passwords and avoid getting into longer recovery options. Here are other features:-

  • uses dictionary attack, hybrid dictionary and brute force attack
  • can import from remote computer, local computer etc. supports versions like PwDump file, .
  • LC file, Sniff file etc.

5. Ophcrack

ophcrack 1

If you need to name by far the best Windows password recovery tool, The Ophcrack Windows is the name. Fast and easy to use, some of its other features are:-

  • visit the site and download ISO image and then burn them into a CD
  • works on all versions of Windows
  • locating, proceeding and recovering the password – all is done automatically

6. Cain & Abel

cain abel

This tool is free to use and is one of the most effective options to recover passwords. It has:-

  • compatibility with all Windows versions
  • recover passwords to accounts apart from the one of the user

7. Stellar Phoenix

stellar phoenix

We all have faced situations when, for the life of it, you can’t remember the super-complicated password you had set. Keep this list handy to get you out of the trick.

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