It can be quite a trouble when you are expected to work with PDF files on a constant basis and produce far fetching results with it. The format of the file itself is trickier than what can be expected. It is hard to edit as the format itself prevents any kind of editing done to it. Here is where the role of a PDF Rotator Software becomes of optimum importance.

Here are some of the best PDF Rotator Softwares that you can use to edit your PDF files, relatively in an easier manner.

1. PDF Rotator

pdf rotator

The first name that comes to mind when looking for the best PDF Rotator Softwares online is the PDF Rotator. It is rotates, flips and edits videos marvellously, without much of any difficulties.

  • The program is designed to change the pages and the rotated files after the function is complete.
  • The software is extremely lightweight which also makes it highly portable.
  • You can use the software to rotate the pages anywhere between 90 to 180 degrees and also flip them.

2. FoxPDF Reader

fox pdf reader

It is one of the most versatile PDF Rotator Software on the net. It is a freeware and hence you will not put a dent in your pocket when downloading it.

  • You can not only view your PDF documents with the help of the FoxPDF Reader, but can also use it to edit and rotate your file anyway you want.
  • It supports multiple languages that make adding texts to your file so much more fun and convenient.
  • With the help of the software any PDF file can be rotates to 90, 180 or 270 degrees in a clockwise and anti clockwise manner.

3. PDFFILL Free PDF Tools

pdffill 1

One of the most sought after and used PDF rotator tool on the internet today, is the PDFFILL Free PDF Tools. This is mainly a conglomeration of a number of tools that makes PDF file editing an easy task.

  • The software comes with an oration feature that makes rotation of PDF Files, specifically more efficient.
  • You can use it to rotate your files to 0, 90, 180 or 270 degree in a counter clockwise and clockwise manner.
  • It is one of the cheapest and most feature rich PDF rotation tool out there.2

4. Cool PDF Reader

cool pdf reader

There are a number of PDF Rotator tools on the internet, but one that has been gathering quite some attention to it is the Cool PDF Reader.

  • The software has one of the most sorted layouts and user friendly interface making it compatible for both beginner and professional skills.
  • This does not occupy any space on your computer as you do not have to install it to use it.When rotating, you can specify the number of range of pages that you need being rotated.

5. iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac

iskysoftpdf editor

The iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac has been voted as the best PDF rotator software on many occasions and for good reasons too.

  • It allows one to skilfully rotate their pages to various angles.
  • It also contributes in enhancing their readability post the rotation and editing.
  • The files rotated on the software are done so permanently.

6. Free Video Flip and Rotate

free video flip and rotate

In case that you have yet not met the best PDF Rotator Software with the desired functions, you are sure to find it with the Free Video Flip and Rotate.

  • It is one of the easiest and most straight forward PDF rotating tools on the internet.
  • It is fast and result driven, rotating your videos and images to a sharp 90 and 180 degrees, both clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • You can also use the tool to flip your images and videos.

7. Windows Live Movie Maker


In case that you are a Windows user and looking for a potentially fast and accurate PDF Rotator Software, the best option for you is the Windows Live Movie maker.

  • There is no easier tool to operate with than this one. It rotates and flips with perfection.
  • Rotates PDF Files by 90, 180 and 270 degrees respectively.
  • It can be also used for mirroring images at various angles.
  • Go through the top 7 list to settle on the one PDF Rotator Software that does not test your skill but helps you enhance it. These are all great softwares with a result driven design.

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