Sometimes we get a document in MS Word format i.e. .dock file format, and because we don’t want any changes to be made regarding the page design and layout, we need to convert the document into a portable document format where everyone who accesses the document as it was made.

For that to happen an online software has been developed and to convert the word to pdf and pdf to word. Here below we have picked and reviewed the best pdf to word converter available on the World Wide Web.




This online app has been ranked as very high by Google though it delivers slowest results out of all such apps reviewed on this post, I think it’s because it has a lot of people using it. Sometimes can even exceed an hour while you’re a still waiting for the results
Key features
• Delivers your results to your email
• It has no file size remit
• It simple to use




This is one of the most effective, reliable and recommendable pdf to word converter on the web. Although there are thousands of such converters, the app stands out as one the best by producing outstanding results. It delivers the results soonest possible after you input the pdf file you want to convert.

Key features
• Requires no email to deliver results
• Takes less than a minute to convert small files below 2mb
• You can convert a file size up to 2Mb




Converting pdf to word document using takes less than a minute i.e. a four-page pdf file. The results are outstanding and clean. It is highly recommendable as it can rarely give you negative results.

Key Features

• Fast
• User friendly
• Produces excellent results
• No file size limits




The app works very fast, in fact, it takes half a minute to convert a pdf file composed of four pages. The formats supported by this web application are well reserved.

Key Features

• Does not require an email address to deliver results
• It is fast and convenient
• Does not support batch mode or OCR

5. Zamzar


This converter has been used by a significant number of users though it has very few number of advantages. It requires an email for one to receive the results and it has a major weakness which is it fails to produce the expected results and also fails to keep the original. It supports lots of file formats, and it is recommendable if you a looking for a converter that can work well with loads of forms.

6. PDF to Word Converter

pdf to word converter


This is one of the simplest and easiest to use pdf to word convertor. Finding the place to convert your file can be a bit hectic this is because the site concentrates more on promoting the desktop software rather than the online pdf convertor. You only click on a single button the file is converted.

Key features
• Supports a wide range of file formats
• Simple to use
• No user-friendly interface.

Now that we have taken you through the pdf to word converters available for free online, I guess it your turn to choose the one that suits you. All the best.

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