PDF to doc converter: Read beyond limits

Almost everyone at some point has had trouble with a document that they for some reason cannot access.

Below we’ve listed the 7 best PDF to word converters that will let you over come this barrier and allow you to convert all your PDF files into doc format, and in most cases, these tools let you convert the files into various other formats as well. Enjoy.

1. FM Free PDF To Word Converter

fm free pdf to word converter

Free Download

FM converter is simple and does what it’s name suggests. It allows the user to choose the pages that have to be converted and also has an option to retain the original PDF document. The UI is pretty basic and is quite easy to use.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Random page selection available.
  • Small program.

2. UniPDF – Free PDF to Word Converter for Windows


Free Download

Exclusively for windows as the name suggests, this converter is one of the best in terms of quality and formats available. This is a stand-alone software and can convert even the images, layouts and fonts of the original PDF into text without losing any data or jumbling up the format.

  • High quality converter.
  • Can convert files in batches.
  • Retains images, layouts etc.

3. Free File Converter

free file converter

Free Download

FFC is an online converter tool that not only lets you convert documents from PDF to doc or docx, but also supports a whole range of other formats such as mobi, tcr, txt, HTML, Epub etc. The speed is pretty decent.

  • Allows download to be direct file or ZIP.
  • Multiple format support.
  • Allows file upload till 300 MB.

4. SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter

smartsoft free pdf to word converter

Free Download

SmartSoft is a pretty basic software that does the job, no questions asked. Select the file, click convert, and bingo. You’re done. It retains the format (tables, layouts etc) and is really easy to use.

  • Format preservation.
  • Basic tool and easy to use.
  • Small software.
  • Neat U.I.

5. Convertpdftoword.net

convert pdf to word

Free Download

Super fast, keeps the formats intact, converts to doc and txt. Sounds great eh? It pretty much is. Most files get converted in less than thirty seconds, though it does not support multiple file conversion at the same time.

  • Fast conversion.
  • No size limit.
  • Reserves the layouts and the formatting.
  • It’s free.

6. HelloPDF Free PDF to Word Doc Converter

free pdf to word converter

Free Download

HelloPDF is a small and efficient software that keeps things simple. It has a smart feature that asks if the user wants to retain images, layout etc. since this effects the size of the file, it s a neat addition.

  • Smart features.
  • Free software.
  • Retains original PDF layout.
  • Clean U.I

7. PDFMate PDF Converter Free

pdf mate

Free Download

This is one supports batch conversions and also allows PDF to PDF conversions, which can be useful to alter security issues with the file. It also supports other document conversions.

  • Supported formats: Epub, Docx, PDF, SWF, TXT.
  • Free.
  • PDF to PDF conversions are available.
  • Batch conversion supported.

These are one of the best converters out there and all of them are absolutely free. Hope you found one that works well for you, Cheers!

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