The process of photo stitching helps you to create a panorama view by overlapping different images to produce one sweeping landscape. These pictures are of high resolution and wide angled. There are many different photo stitching software available in the market.

You can easily purchase or download any of these photo stitching softwares to get some of the most amazing reproduced pictures.

1. Image Composite Editor – Free software for windows


image composite editor

Free Download

This is free software for windows that can handle any difficult photo stitching task on hand.

  • It is very fast and effective
  • The reproduced picture is of very high quality and looks perfect
  • You can export JPG, PNG and PSD files
  • You can save you picture in HD quality.

2. Hugin – For both Mac and Windows


Free Download

This is a free photo stitching software for both Mac and Windows users. You can get wanting to stitch pictures that are taken in different angles then this is the best option for you.

  • You can consider the projection of the pictures you want to stitch together
  • You can choose your field of view
  • You can stitch together a lot many pictures, each at different angles

3. Autostitch – Compatible with Windows, Mac, IOS and Android


Free Download

This again is free software for Windows and Mac users. It is also available for on iOs and Android.

  • It is very simple but does the job efficiently
  • The stitching is done on itself
  • It can stitch up to 7 photos and automatically matches them
  • It has features like auto crop and blending options that makes the process much more easier

4. ArcSoft Panorama Maker – Free trial with some features

arcsoft panorama maker


This is available on Windows and mac. It comes with a free trial but you have to purchase it with $79.99.

  • Best for stitching together city skylines and towering skyscrapers
  • It is super-fast
  • It has 5 auto stitch made that makes the process easier
  • It has a 15 days free trial that helps you to understand whether it will help you

5. PTGui – Features for both Mac and Windows


Free Download

This is very good software for Window and mac users. It comes with a free edition but that will include watermark in the edited pictures. You have to pay $109 for the paid version.

  • It can stitch multiple rows of pictures
  • It can create 360 degree of cylindrical panoramas
  • You can rotate and stitch images

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