What a characteristically original and thrilling way to learn piano and music playing. Playing music with this magnificent piano music game is very easy and simple, even small children can manage with it. In piano games, all you could see is the piano octave with notes written on piano keys. When it comes to playing on PC you can click keys with PC or with your mouse.

Each time you hit a virtual key, a matching sound will be played. Piano games are best for everyone. Below is the list of piano games that can be downloaded completely free.

1. Virtual Piano

virtual piano


Virtual Piano allows you to enter the magnificent world of the immense composers. With its outstanding sound, you can play topics of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Sergei Rachmaninoff and many more as if playing a real imposing piano. Download this excellent piano for android and let your thoughts fly.

  • Virtual Piano is a game that can be played by the entire family, young and old.
  • The HD sound and 60 keys make an exclusive application on the market.
  • The game can be with no trouble downloaded

2. Paino Titles 2

paino titles 2

Free Download

Did you ever want to play the piano? Piano Tiles 2 will give you complete lessons to teach you how to play like Mozart, but it’ll give you an amazing opening to the ivories. This piano stirred title game gives much-enhanced graphics, audio and gameplay all over the original, with a multitude of new bonuses and features to determine.


  • Best for the one who don’t wish to spend a small fortune on upgrades and add-ons
  • Perfect if you’re looking to clear your head or sharpen your skills
  • this piano puzzler lets you play and practice in private,

3. Classic Piano

classic piano

Free Download

Easy and Simple this classic piano game can be downloaded even on your smartphone – piano turns your device into an actual musical instrument. So play with your fingers now on the piano keys, play live music and experience like a real musician.


  • The classic piano sound
  • easy musical keyboard
  • simple and can be played by children as well
  • controls to modify the sound of a piano

4. Pianist HD

pianist hd

Free Download

Pianist HD is a total piano app for Android. Amazing sound, lots of customization options and learn-to-play mode with a preloaded collection of famous songs.


  • Pre-loaded collection of famous songs
  • Child form available
  • You will be able to record your own songs
  • Easy to download and simple to play

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