In case that you like to be informed about anything and everything that is happening around you and in the world, one of the best ways to do so is by settling for one of the best Podcast Downloader Software. The podcast keeps you in the loop of things, such as the radio shows, news, music and other important notifications.

Here are a list of the top 7 podcast downloader softwares on the net that keep you constantly updated on a variety of news, entertainment and shows.

1. gPodder


  • The gPodder is one of the most feature rich and at the same time the most easy to use podcast manager on the internet today.
  • It comes with a user friendly interface that makes working with it a piece of cake.
  • You can link gPodder to either of the following- directory based portable players, iPods, iPads and tablets, mobile phones and MTP compatible players.
  • Though the application does not come with its own speakers you can connect it with other speakers.
    You can also access iTunes with gPodder.

2. Miro


  • There are a number of factors working in the favour of Miro and has led it into becoming one of the most popular Podcast downloader and manager softwares.
  • This freeware is compatible with a number of important computer platforms like MAC OS, Linux, and Windows.
  • The software also functions as a video player and really shines, when it comes to playback of video podcasts.

3. Zune


  • Zune is one of the most unique and also one of the most popular podcast downloader softwares online.
    Similar to the format of the iTunes, you can use Zune too, without the presence of a Zune Player.
  • Zune makes music portable for you. All you have to do is visit the Zune market place and you will enter into the land of thousands of podcast, where from you can choose the ones you like.
  • With the help of your Zune account, you can also share your podcasts with your friends.

4. Juice


  • Juice was formally referred to as iPodder and has only grown in popularity, ever since its change in name.
  • In case that you are in the lookout for an extremely light weight and hassle free podcaster, the best option for you is Juice.
  • It comes with a built i directory for podcasts
  • It also comes with a clean up tool, which you can use to delete read and viewed podcasts.
  • It is focused on searching for targeted podcasts and downloading them for you at a speedy rate.

5. iTunes

itunes 2

  • iTunes is without a doubt one of the most popular amongst the handful of best podcast downloaders out there. Apart from Mac, it is compatible with windows too.
  • It was iTunes that first introduced the internet savvy crows to the whole concept of podasting.
  • You can use the software to increase the playback speed of the different podcasts.
  • You can bookmark the podcast that you last read and come back to continue from there on.

6. Propaganda


  • In case that you are looking for a podcast downloader with the most straightforward lay out and interface, Propaganda is the software you need to download.
  • It is a feature rich freeware, without all the hassles that generally come with top softwares like this. It is great for both beginners and pros.
  • Connect it with some hardware for better performance.

7. Podcast Studio

podcast studio

Last but not the least, the Podcast Studio is the one of the best podcast downloaders you can put your hands on.

  • It not only downloads your podcasts for you, but also allows you to edit, publish and also record your podcast.
  • This software also comes with noticeable playback controls.

Choose from the long list of potentially brilliant podcast downloader softwares mentioned above. They have been in the top 7 for quite some time now, and seem to make steady progress as the best podcast downloaders ever.

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