Pokémon Apps- 7 Pokémon apps that’ll help Kill your boring hours

“Pikachu! I choose you!” This single expression is something which we did cherish all our childhood. Well, Pokémon is definitely something which we did enjoy ourselves to the core. Ash Ketchum along with Pikachu really made us sit in front of the television for an hour at least.

Nostalgic with your Memories ? Here are some Pokémon apps that will take you back to the memories down the lane and also help you to enjoy your time.

1. Pokémon shuffle Mobile

pokémon shuffle mobile

This is a puzzle game where you must battle against three or wilder Pokémon using Pokémon’s you choose horizontally or vertically. It is played casually but hours of fun can be expected during battle and collection of Pokémon’s. Levelling up Pokémon also provides fun.

  • Intuitive Game-play
  • Lots of stages
  • Anyone can play

3. Pokémon Tv

pokémon tv

Pokémon on the move? No worries when Pokémon TV is there! Don’t miss a single episode from Ash, Pikachu and all other friends.

  • Exciting special features
  • Trailers for upcoming Pokémon events
  • Free app
  • Enabled for Chrome cast

6. Pokémon Yellow

pokemon yellow

This game is kind of a game based on Pikachu. He is the only Pokémon to start up with. It having no opinion over the player initially can develop love or hatred over the user.

  • This game is a bit unique from others
  • Loved by children

7. Pokémon Go

pokémon go

It is a game which kind of lets Pokémon into the real world. The main objective is to look for and train those so called little monsters which may be found at places like streets and parks all around the world. Once you get to hunt a Pokémon you can train them in real time.

  • Multiplayer mode based on the location
  • Augmented reality
  • Able to create teams

Since these apps are trustworthy they can be downloaded from Google playstore. Time to catch all the Pokémon’s!! “Go Catch’em all!”

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