Mailers need to send packages to accurate addresses to ensure there are no difficulties during shipment and delivery, especially when the shipments are in bulk. Postal resort software helps senders with tools that help them verify addresses with up-to-date information. With this software, direct mailers and mailing teams can effectively send mailing packages to legitimate addresses that ensure the cost of sending mail, especially bulky mail, is justified. Here are some of the best postal presort software available right now.

3+ Postal Presort Software

1. Mailers+4



Rating: 5/5

Price: FREE


2. MailPreparer



Rating: 4.9/5

Price: FREE


3. AccuZIP



Rating: 4.6/5

Price: Custom


4. A-Qua Mailer Web

a qua mailer web


Rating: 4.8/5

Price: Custom


What Is Postal Presort Software?

Postal presort software is direct mail automation software where mailing teams can identify the addresses to send direct mail effectively. The presort software ensures that the physical addresses provided are up to date and there’s a consistent address labeling system to prevent lost mail packages.


Post presort software provides mailing teams tools to help them verify their addresses. These tools in the royal postal scale software ensure that the addresses are verified, are up to date and there are no duplicate mailings sent. The electronic postage software tools are also automated, using algorithms to find addresses that have nicknames and abbreviations that would be difficult to track without street knowledge. The postal software also allows mailing teams to find possible discounts and deductions in shipping rates from post offices to ensure users get the most out of sending packages to these addresses.


Post presort software should provide data cleansing software tools that help mailing teams to filter and verify physical addresses, removing any redundancies or out-of-date information away from the software’s system. The postal bulk mail software also provides compliance management software tools to help them connect to national postal services and comply with mail laws. The software should also provide a streamlined address labeling system that helps mail senders properly send a mail with a clear, detailed address.

  • Data cleansing software tools
  • Compliance management tools
  • Connect with national postal services
  • Streamlined address labeling system

Top 4 Postal Presort Software

1. AccuZIP

AccuZip provides an all-in-one postal software where it provided data cleansing solutions to help eliminate fake or old addresses. AccuZIP has 20 employees and earns annual revenue of $2.9 million.

2. Mailers+4

Mailers+4 provides a postal automation software where it ensures an enhanced way of delivering mail effectively. Mailers+4 is owned and developed by Melissa Data Corp., which the parent company has 328 employees and earns a revenue of $35 million.

3. MailPreparer

MailPreparer provides an intelligent mailing system for mailing teams everywhere that is cost-effective and does not charge too many fees. MailPreparer is owned and developed by TEC Mailing Solutions, which the parent company has 33 employees and earns annual revenue of $10.2 million.

4. A-Qua Mailer Web

A-Qua Mailer Web provides an automated mailing service that helps direct mailers process mailing records every day. A-Qua Mailer Web is owned and developed by Lorton Data, which the parent company has around 25 employees and earns a revenue of around $5 million.


What other software is similar to post presort software?

Post presort software is compared similarly to address verification software where both the software has the tools to verify physical addresses through data cleaning tools. They also share the same functionality where the software has automated tools through algorithms.

Does postal presort software to connect with international shipping companies?

Some postal presort software should be able to be compatible with international shipping companies, though some shipping companies may have their own postal presort software integrated with their system in place.

How much does postal presort software cost?

Pricing for post presort software is usually customized, with each software providing different subscription tiers that offer more features as the price increases. Pricing for post presort software varies depending on the features available and the intended target audience. Small profile mailing teams may benefit more from low-cost postal presort software while large profile mailing teams may benefit more from high-cost postal presort software.

With post presort software, bulky postal shipments won’t get be lost in the mail as the software helps senders with accurate, up-to-date information on physical addresses. Mailers need to verify physical addresses now and then to ensure that the targeted recipients get their mail.

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