Back when the internet was not yet accessible to the general public, and when emailing did not exist, one would send letters and postcards to deliver messages other people. It would take days, weeks, or even months just for one letter or postcard to reach a recipient, depending on the distance. If you were to write a message to someone, you would need to make the most out of your letters just to save money from all the mailing fees.

Nowadays, writing a message can be done in the fastest and cheapest way possible. As long as you have internet connection, making your own email account is free and there is no charge per email sent. You don’t necessarily need marketing postcard templates or a vintage postcard template. But the reputation brought about by postcards still lives on up to this day.

Blank Postcard Templates

Simple Blank Postcard

blank postcard in simple look



Printable Vintage Blank Postcard

printable vintage blank postcard



Toy Car Blank Postcard

toy car blank postcard template



Vintage Postcard Templates

Vintage Postcard Digital Paper

vintage postcard digital paper1



Vintage Postcard Set

vintage postcard set



Old Vintage Postcard

old vintage postcard1



Vintage Clothing Postcard Template

vintage clothing postcard template



What Are Postcards?

Postcards are cards that are used for writing messages without the need of using an envelope, though some postcards do include their own envelope for mailing. Unlike letters, a postcard has a design printed on one side and on the other side are spaces for writing the names and addresses of both the sender and recipient, and space for the message.

Postcards have already existed since the early 1800’s but were not as common as it is today. For example, real estate agents back then would prefer writing a more personalized letter on a blank paper since writing on real estate postcard templates were still considered rare and expensive.

Today, however, postcards can be found abundantly in gift stores, book stores, and souvenir shops, and we can also make one for ourselves conveniently. Postcards nowadays come in various forms and themes. If you just got married and you want to send postcards as a way of thanking those who witnessed your celebration, you can wedding postcard templates to save you the hassle of writing individual letters.

Marketing Postcard Templates

Business Marketing Postcard Template

business marketing postcard template



Spa Marketing Postcard

spa marketing postcard



Wedding Postcard Templates

Elegant Wedding Postcard Template

elegant wedding postcard template



Love and Thanks Wedding Postcard Template

love and thanks wedding postcard template1



Wood Design Retro Wedding Card

wood design retro wedding card



Fully Editable Wedding Invitation Postcard

fully editable wedding invitation postcard



Thank You Postcard Templates

Floral Thank You Postcard

floral thank you postcard



Baby Announcement Thank You Postcard

baby announcement thank you postcard



Thanksgiving Postcard

giving thanks postcard



How To Make Your Own Postcards?

Postcards can be easily done without the use of computers. Children are even taught how to make them in school by using bond paper, pen, and crayons. While this is a wonderful idea, since it can explore a child’s creativity, you can also take it one level higher by doing it digitally. Making postcards on the computer is no longer a serious issue nowadays because we have templates to help us out.

With our postcard templates, you just need to add new elements that you want to include, and remove the ones that you don’t. To help you out on how to make your own postcards out of our templates, follow the simple steps below:

  • Since we already know the purpose of making postcards, we just need to determine who our target audience will be or who the postcard will be addressed to. If you are trying to send a postcard to someone who regularly goes to the salon, then we have salon postcards available. You can use political postcard templates when making postcards to be sent to registered and active voters, and advertising postcard templates to business people or companies.
  • Once you have decided who your postcard’s recipient will be, choose from among the downloadable postcard templates, and download it by clicking on the download button that accompanies the thumbnail of the template.
  • Open the downloaded postcard template on a photo editor software and make the necessary changes depending on how you want your postcard to appear. You may add more details or get rid of some, you may also write the contact information and message digitally or you may also write it by hand.
  • After you’re done editing your postcard, have it printed given that you have already secured some high quality, thick paper. Another option here is to have your postcard printed at printing companies instead.

Political Postcard Templates

Political Campaign Postcard Template

door hanger political postcard template



Professional Political Postcard Template

professional political postcard template1



Advertising Postcard Templates

Fitness Advertising Postcard

creative fitness advertising postcard



Spa Advertising Postcard Template

spa advertising postcard template



Travel Advertising Postcard Template

travel advertising postcard template



Salon Advertising Postcard Template

salon advertising postcard template



Birthday Postcard Templates

Professional Birthday Postcard Template

professional birthday postcard template



Hand Made Birthday Postcard Template

hand made birthday postcard template



Birthday Postcard Template with Photo

birthday postcard template with image



Real Estate Postcard Templates

Real Estate Business Postcard Template

real estate business postcard template



Real Estate Postcard Template in PSD

real estate postcard template psd



Postcard Template of Luxury Real Estate

postcard template of luxury real estate



What Are The Types of Postcards?

Some postcards have a specific theme on them, such as birthdays, Valentines, Christmas, and even Halloween, and these are commonly only seen during its respective season. During the holiday season, you can make postcards using our holiday postcard templates, and when a friend of yours or a member of the family is celebrating a birthday, you can also make your own postcards using our birthday postcard templates.

Postcards can be categorized in many ways. It can be according to the period it was made, or according to the special occasion that it represents. It can also be classified according to its size, which is what we will be identifying below:

  • Regular-sized postcards. The type commonly used by most people. This size is big enough to accommodate enough information, and also small enough to carry conveniently.
  • Jumbo-sized postcards. This type of postcard is only slightly larger than the regular-sized one. This one is not too big, while also not too small, and are used if there are a few more information that needs to be written on the postcard.
  • Giant postcards. The biggest of them all, which is usually in the letter size (8.5in x 11in). This type is used when you need to include a lot of information and pictures on you postcards.

Church Postcard Templates

Harvest Church Postcard Template

harvest church postcard template



Church Postcard in PSD

church postcard in psd3



Church Outreach Ministries Postcard

church outreach ministries postcard template



Holiday Postcard Templates

Modern Holiday Postcard Template

modern holiday postcard template1



Holiday Wishes Postcard Template

holiday wishing joy postcard template



Holiday Postcard Template

best holiday postcard template



Business Post Card Templates

Business Postcard Template in PSD

pink colour business postcard template



Creative Business Postcard

creative business postcard



Multipurpose Business Postcard Template

multipurpose business postcard template



Corporate Business Agency Postcard

corporate business agency postcard



Helpful Guidelines in Making Your Own Postcards

Whether you are making a personal postcard to write a message to a loved one, or are using a church postcard template to make one for a church official or church person, there are certain tips that need to be followed to be able to make effective postcards that are worth reading and keeping. Consider using the tips below the next time you make your postcards.

  • Maximize the use on one side while leaving enough space to write on the other. If you don’t want your card to look cluttered with images and text, simply use gradient colors to fill up the entire front side of the post card.
  • If you are trying to print on your own, make sure to use high quality card stock or thick glossy paper, and set your printer to print in the highest resolution possible. Postcards with great quality are worth keeping.
  • Use vibrant colors on your postcards to make it visually appealing to the recipient.
  • If possible, use vector images or uncompressed ones when adding elements on the template. Don’t use JPEG’s as much as possible, because they can easily become pixelated or blurry upon resizing.

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