Converting PowerPoint files into document format can be done easily using the PPTX to DOC converter tool. However, you need to keep in mind the usability of these tools.

Also, it is absolutely necessary to figure out which one suits your needs perfects and the ones that just seem to waste the energy. Here we will be discussing about 9 of the most effective PPTX to DOCX converter free online options availability.

1. Zamzar

zamzar 2


  • Online option for converting PPTX files into DOCX format
  • No need to get the converter tool installed in the device
  • One touch and easy conversion option
  • Support Microsoft Office, Apple Keynote, and Open Office
  • Supports for all the latest version of PowerPoint and Office
  • Supports widest range of document format extensions

2. PowerPoint Converter

powerpoint converter


  • Available online
  • Easy to use and simple interface
  • Simple Upload and Conversion Option
  • Option to upload files from the cloud server
  • Batch conversion available
  • Supports all the latest PPTX formats
  • Can convert in different word formats like DOCX, RTF, PDF, and many more
  • Totally free to use and never requires additional installation

3. Alit PPT to DOC Converter

alit ppt to doc converter


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Fast conversion rate with no loss in the quality
  • Offers batch conversion of PowerPoint files into document formats
  • No element gets eliminated during the conversion
  • Absolutely perfect while converting images, write-ups, audios, and tables

4. My Morph

my morph

  • Supports widest range of source file formats
  • Can convert to different word processor formats
  • Easy to use and comes with a simple interface
  • Available for free
  • There is no requirement for any kind of registration
  • Compatible with all the versions of Windows

5. File Zig Zag

file zig zag


  • Works online and never troubles the users through time consuming installation
  • Also known as You Convert
  • It is available for free
  • Converts PPTX files into DOCX in no time at all
  • Comes with detailed guidelines and documentation
  • It offers perfect image and document conversion without causing any kind of quality loss

6. All File To All File Converter 3000

all file to all file converter 3000 3


  • Offers batch conversion
  • Support multiple file types
  • Provides the option to convert PPTX into flash video
  • Support different word formats
  • Instantly creates PDF files from any type of document in 3 different modes (default, image, and text)
  • Supports Page Range Conversion

7. All Office Convertor PRO

all office convertor pro 1


  • One click file conversion feature
  • Comes with loads of features and functionalities
  • Conversion is carried out with practically no loss in quality
  • Batch conversion of files
  • Option to convert images to Doc formatIt is available for free
  • It comes with the option of Document Paging

8. Docs Pal

docs pal


  • Available for free
  • No need to install additional software set-up file
  • Can convert different types of files into word formats
  • Assures no loss in quality
  • Offers the option to convert electronic books into doc formats
  • Can convert archives into different word formats
  • Also offer the facility to convert Audio and Video files

9. Small PDF

small pdf


  • Cloud Based servers
  • Easy and fast conversion of files
  • Support different formats for both input as well output files
  • 100% secured and privacy assured
  • Support for both PPTX as well PPT files

Support for all operating systems, be it Windows, Linux, Mac, or anything else
It is not difficult to convert pptx file to word. There are plenty of software tools available to get the conversion done in the most suitable way. Businesses these days often require presentation files to get them converted into word format. This helps in creating handouts for the presentation. Word processors come with basic conversing facility but that may not be enough to experience flawless end results. That’s why people opt for third party software tools. Be it docx to ppt converter or vice versa, there are lots of options available through the net. But it is always recommended to opt for the ones that support multiple formats. Also, look for processors that offer easy editable features.

We have highlighted some of the better docx to pptx converter software tools in our blog. These are mostly free to use and offers the best of conversion facility with absolutely no loss in quality. Enjoy the pptx to docx converter free download options through the links that we have provided in the upper sections of the blog. Some of the tools don’t even require installation. Rather, they are available through cloud and works perfectly well with stable internet connectivity. However, before using any of the converter tools, it is necessary to understand their features along with your requirements.

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