To help kids learn the fun way, the free Preschool Games are probably the coolest way. Counting numbers and recognizing letters of the alphabet are some of the lessons teachers expect kids to learn in their tenure of preschool.

Learning games for kids will also make it easier for the teachers to teach the preschoolers. Download the fun online games to make learning and teaching a fun process.

1. Kids Preschool Learning Games

kids preschool learning games

This is a perfect app deigned holistically. With a pack of twenty high quality kids games under a single app, this will keep your kid engaged for hours.

  • Age 2-6 yrs
  • categories such as Numbers, Alphabets,
  • Amazing audio effects with stickers at the end of each game

2. Dr. Panda’s Hospital – Vet Game

dr pandas hospital vet game2

To help kids learn the basic of the health and anatomy of the living beings, this pre-school game is a great option. More importantly, this is an intuitive app so it would be a great option to play this before the next doctor’s appointment.

  • can be played on Android
  • much adorable and very easily comprehensive
  • 10 fun doctor games and activities
  • Completing activities will help earn reward stickers
  • ideal for kids ages 2 – 6

3. Farm 123 Free – StoryToys Junior

farm 123 free

This magical pop-up book and game help kids to learn counting faster as they assist the farmer along around his farm. The experience of learning will be more enjoyable along with the fun of chasing the animals of the farm.

  • perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers
  • pop-up imagery assisted with soothing sound effects

4. Little Writer

little writer

A tracing app if the perfect app to let your kids learn writing in a super fun way. It will change the boring chore to a fun-filled experience for the kids.

  • toddlers to preschoolers can enjoy playing this app
  • record your own language and also add the customized words
  • includes a collection of basic shapes to draw
  • preloaded with essential words

5. ABC Alphabet Phonics

abc alphabet phonics

This exciting educational game will help the kids to learn the alphabets through sound, sight, and touch. The user-friendly interface is very simply designed so that your nine-month old toddler can also use it.

  • toddler can learn through the recorded voice of his/her parents
  • make the game more personal by adding the kid’s picture=
  • engaging voice artists
  • Multi-sensory learning tool
  • Ideal for 0-6 years

6. TopIQ Kids Learning Games

topiq kids learning games

It is an interactive and classic example of learning app for the toddlers which allows personalized learning for reading, writing, and math.

  • easy to learn number sequence along with the development of counting
  • real world math examples with multi-step objects
  • introduction to the concept of geometry

7. Alphabet Zoo

alphabet zoo

This interactive app help the kids to recognize letter-sounds though creativity.

  • teaching children the sound of letters
  • essential skills for reading

These colorful and challenging games will cover a wide range of different learning skills. The kids will be exposed to a lot of skills as they play these games and can eventually prove beneficial for the intelligence development.

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