Little girls out there want to know what it feels like to be a princess even if just for a day. You can give them that experience by throwing them a princess-themed party. And what better way to tell all her friends that you’re doing so than by inviting them with an invitation card that reflects the mood of the party?

On this list, you will find 13+ princess party invitations that you can send out to others. Speaking of princess-themed parties, there are more invitations out there that you can choose from that your child might like. Try out these Disney Invitation Templates.

Disney Princess Party

disney princess party invitation

Ice Princess Party Invitation

ice princess party invitation

Free Princess Party Invitation

free princess party invitation

Blank Princess Party Invitation

blank princess party invitation

Frozen Princess

frozen princess party invitation

Pirate and Princess Party Invitation

pirate and princess party invitation


How to Use These Princess Party Invitations

These invitations offered to you are already premade for your convenience. You can pick one of them that you think suits your little girl best and then send them out to all here friends. However, you should consider some things before you send them out.

  • Pick a theme that suits the party. You can use the invitations to reflect that party you are going to throw to give them more relevance. Fortunately, the invitation cards offered to you from this list can be easily customized for your convenience.
  • Remember to include all the important details. It would be rather inconvenient for your guests to be misinformed or to not be given the necessary information for the party they are attending, such as where to go, who exactly the party is for, and maybe even what to wear if you want your daughter’s friends to come dressed in a certain way.
  • Make the card feel stylish. You can customize the card to your liking to make it more aesthetically pleasing. This will help guests see just how much effort you’re placing into the party. Once they see that, they’ll be more likely to be coming to your party.

If you consider all these things, you will definitely be able to make the perfect invitation card to send out to your daughter’s friends. Speaking of invitations, if you’re interested in more, you can take a look at these birthday invitation templates.

Custom Princess Party Invitation

custom princess party invitation

Invitation for Little Girl Princess Party

little girl princess party invitation

Fairy Princess Party Invitation

fairy princess party invitation

Handmade Princess Party Invitation

homemade princess party invitation

Superhero and Princess Party

superhero and princess party invitation

Royal Princess Birthday

royal princess birthday party invitation1

Elegant Princess Party

elegant princess party invitation

Rockstar Princess

rockstar princess party invitation


Why These Princess Invitations Can Help You

Invitations, in general, have a lot of different uses.

  • Other than giving those invited the information they need to attend, invitations can also be a really great thing to receive. It helps make someone feel special to know that their presence is wanted.
  • Generate interest and some excitement with these great designs. This will ensure that the guests are all hyped up even before they even reach the venue.
  • These princess invitations can also help you gain more guests for your little girl’s party by promising her friends a good time. Putting effort into making invitations can pay off by having your daughter celebrate her special day surrounded by those who care for her.
  • The princess invitations cards offered to you on this list are also customizable. You can alter them to your heart’s content, depending on the theme of your party as well as your little girl’s interests.

We sincerely hope that this list has helped you choose or even create the perfect invitation card to send out to your daughter’s friends. Speaking of which, there are more invitation cards on our website should you want to have a wider array of choices.

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