Even with modern technology, many businesses still use traditional means of advertising their products, services, and promotions. The world wide web, as effective as it is in advertising practices, in itself may at times be too expensive and unproductive depending on what your business is. That’s why traditional means can serve as one of the best ways of getting your business the exposure that it needs.

One of these traditional means is the use of brochures. Brochures can help you advertise to the masses about your business. On this list, you will find 35+ printable brochures for you to use. If you’re interested in more ways to advertise, then check out these advertising posters.

Printable Travel Brochures

Travel Tri-fold Brochure

travel trifold brochure



Travel Guide Agency Brochure

travel agency guide itinerary



Travel and Tourism Brochure

travel and tourism brochure



Bi-fold Travel Brochure

bi fold travel brochure



Holiday Brochures

Holiday Travel Brochure Design

holiday travel brochure design v1



Holiday Tri-fold Brochure

holiday trifold brochure



Free Vector Summer Vacation Brochure

free vector summer vacation brochure



College Brochures

College Party Brochure with Graduation Cap

collage party brochure with graduation cap



College University Prospectus Brochure

college university prospectus brochure



College  Tri Fold Brochure

college tri fold brochure



Editable A4 College Brochure

editable a4 college brochure



Types of Brochures

There are so many brochures that you can use for your business. These brochures are already premade for your convenience and they’re easy to customize. Here are the brochures you’ll find on this list:

  • Printable Travel Brochures – Many people like to travel from place to place on occasions. It’s a great break from the scenery they’re already used to back home. Travel brochures can help you give recommendations on where to travel as well as give you a means to advertise your promotions and rates.
  • Holiday Brochures – Similar to travel brochures, people can really love going to a certain place during a holiday. It can be a perfect family bonding experience. All you have to do is recommend where to go during the holidays with these holiday brochures. They can be great at advertising any kind of business.
  • College Brochures – For the future of many young people out there, they would like to make sure they know the college they’re getting into. Thankfully, these college brochures are perfect for advertising what courses your college offers and how much they cost. It also gives them a background of the establishment and gives potential students an idea of what to expect in the campus.
  • Printable Health Brochures – Health is a great concern to the populace out there. They’d like to see to themselves getting health insurance. This is where health brochures come in. Advertise what your hospital or clinic can offer to the people and you’ll have plenty of clients and customers in no time at all.
  • Printable Tri-fold Brochures – A popular design for brochures is to be able to fold them three times. These tri-fold brochures are that. You can design them for practically anything.
  • Business Brochures – This is perfect for advertising business products. Want to tell the world what you’re selling? Then business brochures are perfect for that. They can also advertise promotions as well as services. If you’re offering discounts, make sure to place them there so that you’ll get more customers.
  • Printable Salon Brochures – There are so many people out there who want to look their best. Salon brochures can help advertise the services of the salon you are running to help people become more aware of the services that your salon offers that they might be interested in themselves.
  • Home Care Brochures – When people get too old to take care of themselves, it’s only natural to seek a place that will help them in their golden days. If you’re advertising for this kind of business, then these home care brochures are perfect for you.
  • IT Company Brochures – Programming isn’t easy stuff. Many people often have trouble with their computers. If your company offers to help them out regarding their PC, then these IT company brochures can help people know that you offer the services they’re looking for.
  • Event Planning Brochures – Many like help in planning out an event. There are companies out there that offer this kind of service in helping them in regards for whatever occasion they’re hosting. These event planning brochures can help people know what kind of services your business provides.

With all these brochures offered to you, you’re sure to find a way to advertise your business. Speaking of which, if you’re interested in more brochures, then here’s a link to brochures templates for more.

Printable Health Brochures

Healthcare Company Brochure Template

healthcare company brochure template



Medical Healthcare Brochure

medical healthcare brochure



Healthcare Multipurpose Brochure

healthcare multipurpose brochure



Dental Clinic Health Care Tri-fold Brochure

dental clinic healthcare trifold brochure



Printable Tri-fold Brochures

Beautiful Tri-Fold Brochure

beautiful tri fold brochure



Free Ecological Tri-fold Vector Brochure

ecological tri fold free vector



Clean Tri-fold Brochure Template

clean tri fold brochure template



Professional Tri-fold Brochure Bundle

professional trifold bundle



Business Brochures

Free Vector Business Brochure Template

free vector business brochure template



Stylish Business Brochure

stylish business brochure



Elegant Business Brochure

elegant business brochure



Geometric Business Brochure

geometric business brochure



Things to Place on Your Brochure

You have to remember that your brochure can affect the way people see your company. What you advertise on the brochure should be something that potential customers and clients will be interested in. Otherwise, your brochure would be pretty ineffective.

  • Promotions and Discounts – People will be more interested in your products and services if they know it will benefit them in a great way. It’s best to also advertise to them if you are offering a certain promotion to help them save their money.
  • What You’re Offering – You need to think about what your potential customers will be interested in. Make sure to advertise the benefits of using your products and services so that people will be more likely to go to your business than look elsewhere.
  • Where to Find Your Business – Even if your customers like the product and services you’re offering, it’d be pretty inconvenient if they don’t know where exactly to find it. You need to input information regarding where they can find you and how to get to you.
  • Contact Information – If you’re offering a delivery service for your products, then some customers may want to just place an order instead of coming to you. This can be great for garnering customers from far away. This is why you should include information on how to contact your company.

You need to keep these in mind in order to be able to advertise your products to a better effect. Also, if you’re looking for more ways of advertisement, then these advertising posters help you do just the trick.

Printable Salon Brochures

Tri-fold Spa Beauty Salon Brochure

tri fold spa beauty salon brochure



Brochure of Realistic Luxury Cosmetics

brochure of realistic luxury cosmetics



Hair Salon Tri-fold Brochure Template

hair salon trifold brochure template



Beauty Salon Brochure

beauty salon brochure



Home Care Brochures

Tri Fold Home Health Care Brochure

tri fold home health care brochure



Nursing Home Care Tri-fold Brochure

nursing home care trifold brochure



IT Company Brochures

IT Services Company Brochure

it services company brochure



Modern IT Company Brochure

modern it company brochure



Corporate IT Company Brochure

corporate it company brochure



Event Planning Brochures

Wedding Event Planning Brochure

wedding event planning brochure1



Estate Event Planning Brochure

estate event planning brochure



Funeral Event Planning Brochure

funeral event planning brochure



Corporate  Event Planning Brochure

corporate event planning brochure



Show the World

Exposure is good for your company. If you don’t have the proper exposure for your business, then you’ll suffer from the lack of income due to many not really knowing of your business’ existence. These brochures can help provide you with a better means of advertising your business without much cost. Web advertising can give you benefits, but is, at times, a little costly.

Brochures are a great way of advertisement at a relatively low cost. Many companies still use them nowadays. Your company can greatly benefit from its use. Don’t hesitate to use every available means you can to provide your business with more customers.

Where You Can Place Brochures

There are many places you can display brochures in. This can be helpful when you are dealing with a particular type of business that you’re advertising to potential customers.

  • Inside the Office – When customers visit your establishment hoping to buy something, you can place these around for them to pick up. They might be interested in a particular type of service they weren’t aware of until the brochure informed them.
  • Handing Them Out – Brochures can act like flyers. Have promoters hand them out to get your company having more customers and clients.
  • Placing Them In Stalls – You place these around anywhere. Anyone who is interested in the type of business that you offer will pick it up and become much more informed about what you’re offering.

Why Brochures Are Helpful

People, at times, may not realize they need something until it’s offered right in front of them. Brochures can help you do just that. When people pick them up, they can learn more things about what your company offers that they had previously known. This will lead to more income for your business.

In short, brochures are helpful because they are a low-effort but effective way of showing the crowd what your business can do and what you offer. They are cost-efficient as well. Brochures cost as little as $1 to $3 to produce, can cost even less if you order a lot of them.

So, what do you think? Hopefully, this list helped you learn more about what brochures have to offer. Speaking of which, there are many ways to advertise other than just brochures. If you’re interested in more, take a look at these advertising posters for more ways to help your company.

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