Manage your printers and print your photos and documents with ease with various Printer software. The below mentioned top-notch printer software will help you identify and monitor local and network printers and would be useful in printing of CD covers, DVD covers, posters and many other printable documents.

1. Bullzip PDF Printer Free- Print to PDF easily

bullzip pdf printer free

  • Very easy to install and gives you complete control after that.
  • You can name the file, set the standard of quality and even set a password before finalizing the pdf file.
  • Allows you to add watermark, author notes, and keywords and even merge to an existing pdf making it highly useful.
  • Contains no popups, free download available and allows you to print to pdf from any Windows application.

2. MP Navigator for Windows- Easy scanning, copying and printing of images

mp navigator for windows software

  • Wonderful software which enables you to send image for printing, attach to an email or print to pdf form.
  • Extremely easy to use which enables you to handle digital photos and images efficiently.
  • Aimed for common people and comes with very simple and basic features.
  • Makes printing easy and quick and available for free download here.

3. Easy Photo Print- Make various corrections to photos before printing

easy photo print software

  • Quick and easy photo printing with you can easily select the photos, the paper, customize the layout and give the print.
  • Easily make various corrections to photos before printing them. Easily add comments, dates, select the photo and the size and even print a photo index with Easy Photo Print.
  • Simple and basic software with rich features and is available for free download right here.

4. Easy Label Printer- Easily print addresses on sheets of labels

easy label printer software

  • Gives you the flexibility to type new addresses or add them directly from Windows or Google contacts.
  • Gives you the utility of printing label anywhere on the sheet.
  • Automatically formats the size of label. Quite handy tool and extremely easy to use, does everything without mail merge.
  • Free to try; so download it right here and print addresses quickly and with ease.

5. HP Printer Install Wizard- Software solution for HP Printer

hp printer install wizard for windows 7 software

  • HP Printer Install Wizard was created to assist users with HP Printers to download and install the latest software solution.
  • Works well with both Windows 7 and 8.
  • Extremely easy to install; just follow the instructions and you are done.
  • Quick and easy photo printing on your HP Printer where you can easily select the photos, the paper, customize the layout and give the print.

6. PrintLock- Prevent unauthorised use of your printer with PrintLock

printlock software

  • As the name suggests, PrintLock restricts access to your printer.
  • Whenever any user tries to print using the printer, he is prompted to enter the password.
  • Highly useful for security reasons as it makes sure that important data which might be internal data and quite critical for the organization, doesn’t get printed.
  • Saves both ink and money and is perfect for home, schools and companies. Download it for free right here.

7. Batch and Print Pro- Batch prints documents with your choice of sequence

batch and print pro software

  • This is highly useful when you need to batch print documents from a retainable list with the sequence that you want.
  • All types of printable documents are supported like pdf, doc, text, PPT and even HTML files.
  • Other features include print scheduling, balancing the load of printer and directory monitoring.
  • Allows load, save, add batch lists for further use and available for free download here.

8. iCopy- Convert your scanner and printer into a photocopier quite easily

icopy software

  • Easily convert your printer and scanner into a high utility photocopier only with a press of a button.
  • Very simple user interface and helps you control the brightness, contrast and other features of your printer and scanner.
  • Easily launch your iCopy by scanning all the docs to PDF and then use the Automatic Dozen feeder to print these automatically with a single click.

9. Easy poster printer- Printing poster of any size easier

easy poster printer software

  • Easily create amazing quality poster in a few seconds with Easy Poster Printer.
  • Allows you to print poster from a certain part of the picture as well. Also, now create posters of varied dimensions with Easy poster printer.
  • It supports all major types of graphic files and also the use of banner paper.
  • Download it for free right here and create amazing posters at your will.

10. NovaPDF Professional Desktop- Create pdf files from any printable document

novapdf professional desktop software

  • Supports all printable documents including web pages, Ms Word doc files, text files and many more.
  • On launch and execution, the printable document will be converted to pdf file and saved.
  • Change the resolution of the document, add bookmarks, text or image compression with NovaPDF Professional Desktop.
  • Available for free download and helps you create high quality pdfs in an affordable way.

These printer software can do lot of things ranging from printing posters, images, documents, pdfs to restricting access to your printer thus saving your critical and internal information of your company.

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