Whether it’s creating content for a viral video, movie, or TV show, it’s never an easy task to run productions that produce content. However, with production management software, productions teams can easily manage their productions with ease with a lot of software tools and features provided. Here are some of the best production management software available right now.

3+ Production Management Software

1. Tinkerlist


Rating: 4.5/5

Price: FṞEE


2. Yamdu


Rating: 5/5

Price: $19.05/month


3. Pocket Call Sheet


Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


4. Shoflo


Rating: 4.8/5

Price: Custom


What Is Production Management Software?

Production management software is a project management software where users and teams create and manage production projects. This asset management software helps teams to keep track of their production projects.


Production management software helps teams to keep track of their projects in a centralized software set-up. The project management software helps keep track of long-term projects where sub-tasks are created under projects that must be fulfilled before the deadline of the actual project itself. The project management software also allows for a smooth collaborative effort between team members assigned to station projects which can help smoothen the working experience. The task management software also helps companies keep track of their employee teams’ productivity on projects, which can help them analyze the company’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to employee evaluation time. The workflow software is also widely accessible which users of the software can access the software’s mobile app to keep track of their productivity on the go. The


Production management software should provide tools for users of the software to create new production projects with their teams. The project planning software should provide budgeting software tools that help companies prepare and execute for projects that require money. The production management software tools should be able to connect with other project management software such as agile teams that help them communicate with them in specific projects. The digital asset management software should also provide various design templates such as Kanban project management software that helps them to keep track of their work logs through a simple feature. The software should also be able to allow employees assigned tasks to update about the progression of their tasks.

  • Tools to create and edit production projects
  • Budgeting tools for projects
  • Connect with other project management software
  • Various project management template views
  • Provide updates on tasks as part of projects

Top 4 Production Management Software

1. Pocket Call Sheet

Pocket Call Sheet provides a digital call sheet app software that helps crew members organize their production shoots with ease. Pocket Call Sheet has around 25 employees and earns a revenue of approximately $5 million.

2. Tinkerlist

Tinkerlist helps producers and showrunners create television content with ease with highly collaborative tools that can help them create engaging content for TV. Tinkerlist has around 25 employees and earns revenue of approximately $5 million.

3. Yamdu

Yamdu provides production crews with production management software that has creative management software tools that enable them to create entertaining content. Yamdu has around 25 employees and earns revenue of approximately $5 million.

4. Shoflo

Shoflo provides production crews with their call sheet software that helps them manage their shoots smoothly. Shoflo has 15 employees and earns annual revenue of $3.1 million.


Is production management software similar to any general project management software?

While production management software has elements of project management software, it also provides a variety of other software that production teams can use to manage their productions such as task management software and document creation software tools for writing scripts and editing call sheets.

Is production management software a highly collaborative software?

Absolutely. Production teams that use production management software can assist them in streamlining the collaborative process within crew teams of a production crew. Producing content is always a group effort and it only makes sense for software such as production management software to provide tools that encourage collaboration.

How much does production management software cost?

Pricing for production management software is usually customized, with each software offering different subscription tiers that offer more features as the prices increase. Pricing for production management software varies depending on the features available and the intended target users. Small production teams may benefit from low-cost production management software while large production teams researchers may benefit from high-cost software.

Running production crews may be difficult but with production management software, production teams can effectively run and manage their productions with ease and produces effective results that help them create high-quality content.

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