Well gone have the times when playing puzzle was not that cool. Nowadays, with the revolution in the gaming industry with comic book adaptions, playing puzzles has become a nice way to challenge yourself. So experience a little action and little adventure all with the classic puzzle games.

Let us look at some of the top puzzle games for your PC.

1. Bookworms Adventure – Spell out and kill

  • Wonderful game in which you have the worm which is battling the range of enemies along with grid of lettered tiles.
  • Spell out words from the tiles to attack your enemies. Difficult words do special damage to the enemies.
  • Entertaining with silly banter to spell words to thwack enemies in their face.
  • Superbly crafted game even for the ones who are less wordy allowing them to enjoy it completely and available for free download right here.

2. Treasure Island-2 – Set  sail for new adventures

treasure island 2

  • Capture the unheard treasure while travelling through buccaneer-infested waters. Collect enough gold on the way before ripping apart your enemy’s skeleton.
  • Comes with amazing graphics and 100 levels of supreme fun.
  • Amazing graphics and great power-ups which sure to give you a scintillating experience.
  • Don’t forget to miss the mesmerizing skeleton dance at the end of the level.

3. Quest of the sorceress- Breath-taking visuals and supreme effects

  • Join sorceress in his mysterious journey to the frozen mountains to claim his award and get to know the reason for his immortality.
  • Lot of deadly enemies with magical powers to stop you along the way whom you need to defeat with your special skills.
  • Huge sets of unique enemies
  • Available for free download and vast map to complete.

4. Solitaire Mystery: Four Seasons- Save the magic lands

solitaire mystery four seasons

  • Time has stopped in the city of magic cards and you are the only one who can cure the city of this eerie curse imposed upon it by Nature.
  • You can try lot of unique puzzles and solitaire layouts to make the magic clock work again and save the city.
  • Tons of game modes with ample of mini-games and teasers.
  • Amazing graphics with colourful hidden object scenes.

5. Mythic Pearls- Soothing action puzzler

  • Go on for the quest for treasure with this wonderful action puzzler. Use your quick mind and fast wrists to combine action and colour matching to succeed in the game.
  • Stunning power-ups and calming sound effects make it a definite try.
  • Choose your own path with this free full version game.
  • Perfect blend of action and mind to give yourself an amazing entertaining experience.

6. Spidermania Solitaire- Suits everyone

spidermania solitaire

  • Spidermania Solitaire is one of the best spire solitaire games and with wonderfully presented playable cards and high score leader board.
  • Comes with three levels of difficulty to intrigue you.
  • Flexibilty is assured as you can listen to your own music while playing and rules of the game are in your own language.
  • Download this simple game which suits everyone and give your brain something to think about.

7. Mahjong Gold- Unlock the secrets of an old pirate as you travel through an embarking journey of gold mahjong layouts

mahjong gold

  • Persevere to find out the treasure which is buried deep. Special gold tokens will have you think from varied perspectives.
  • 120 different levels to take the gaming experience to an entirely different level.
  • Perfectly summarized as hard bounty mischief
  • Download it for free and discover your own rules during your voyage across the sea.

8. The Path of Hercules- Follow the path of the old hero of past

the path of hercules

  • Restore various artefacts of Greece and save it from destruction. Completely full of adventure and hidden objects to give an action packed gaming experience.
  • Various hidden object levels and 7 legendary cities to explore.
  • Adventurous gameplay with challenging quests all along the exciting journey.
  • Download the full version for free and become the ancient hero of Greece and spread happiness in the nation.

9. Green valley: Fun on the farm- Transform a run-down farm

green valley fun on the farm

  • Turn this run-down farm into an amazing plantation with fantastic 80 levels and cute characters.
  • Get chance to play 20 bonus levels by using special items which help score bonuses and even try rearing a sheep.
  • Purchase farm upgrades easily and convert your farm into a splendid plantation.
  • Easily drag to match strawberries, apples and more and turn things around on the farm.

10. Lost in Reefs- Play the way you like

lost in reefs

  • Now embark on the journey of discovering the ruins of the civilization beneath the waves. Puzzle your way to the city where once humans and dragons lived together.
  • Breath-taking graphics with a very calming soundtrack.
  • Choose from among 3 ways to play; choose a group mode, make groups of 3 or more in swap mode and many more.
  • Play your way to discover the 20 masterpieces left to be discovered.

Puzzle games are quite skilfully crafted so that you enter into their world and can’t leave. Challenge your brain with these amazing collection of adventure packed puzzle games.

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