Can you tell me which your favorite racing game is? With the passage of time, the trend uf bringing home some racing games has been increased. A lot of developers are contributing their skills in bringing forth high quality games with excellent graphics and hair-raising sound designs.

Most fabulous racing games of the year. Today we have brought to you the list of most fabulous and fantastic racing games of the year. Some of them have been marketed years ago but are still in high demand.

1. Dirt Rally

dirt rally

Codemasters’ Dirt Rally has surpassed its predecessors, Dirt 3 and others.

  • Without any doubt, it is one of the most famous racing games.
  • To date, it is the best game Codemasters have made ever.
  • If you have not given this game a try then it is highly recommended that you do.
  • This comes with authentic handling model.
  • It has great graphics.
  • The sounds of this game are also very cool and catchy.
  • It is enough entertaining to keep you busy for the whole day.
  • Even you can play it with your little ones.

2. Shift 2

shift 2

The Shift 2 is a high quality game.

  • This is among the finest racing games.
  • It is a perfect combination of realism and accessibility of any game with similar gameplay.
  • It is easy to handle game.
  • This is full of entertainment.
  • You would have to be creative minded in order to win this game.
  • The thoughtfulness has to be extended if you want to be the winner and want to defeat the co-player in this game.
  • So, be ready to be physically and mentally active to enjoy this racing game fully.

3. Project CARS

project cars

Performance wise, Project CARS is a great game.

  • This is a plethora of minor and major bugs.
  • It is one of the best racing games.
  • In order to win, the game player has to defeat the bugs.
  • This is of superb quality.
  • The vehicles and tracks shown in this game look like real.
  • You must download it now because it is quite dazzling.

4. TrackMania 2: Canyon

trackmania 2 canyon

Here comes one more racing game.

  • Any genre veteran can tell you why it is among the most amazing racing games.
  • This is full of fun.
  • In fact it has been different from the games with hairpin bands, g-force-laden cambers or high speed.
  • This comes with floating platform of high quality.
  • The game is found online for instant download.

5. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

need for speed most wanted

Do you need speed?

  • If it is so then this is among the most amazing and top notch racing games.
  • It has many thrilling elements.
  • The game is easy to play.
  • You can enjoy it with your co players.
  • This has a roster of 31 cars, as well as 10 additional cars for extra ordinary racing experience.
  • The game is must to try.

6. Real Racing 3

realracing 3 1

7. Burnout Revenge

burnout revenge

8. Project CARS

project cars

9. Forza Motorsport 6

forza motorsport 6

10. FlatOut 2

flatout 2

All of these are super cool games. I can say with confidence that you would enjoy playing them. These are full of entertainment. So, which are your favorite racing games on this list?

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