The real estate industry is a vast and competitive business and you need to be on top of your game if you want to make a name for yourself. You have to make use of advertising materials, such as Florida real estate brochures, that will visually catch the attention of buyers.

These advertising brochures will give your clients something to look forward to with what you are trying to sell. It will then be easier to convince them when they have something substantial to scan while you discuss. You can also hand out luxury real estate brochures during events to reach a broader audience.

Corporate Real Estate Brochures

Commercial Corporate Brochure

commercial corporate real estate brochure

Agent Brochure

corporate real estate agent brochure

Company Brochure

corporate real estate company brochure

Corporate Square Brochure

corporate square real estate brochure


What Is The Purpose of a Brochure?

Generally, a brochure is a reading material commonly used for advertising and informing people of what a company is and what it can do. In real estate, the glossy real estate brochures are one of the three most common methods of showing off the houses to clients, with scale models and audio-visual presentations as the two other methods. In comparison to the other two, brochures are more favorable when convincing clients because they can be given out, touched, and actually scanned even after presentations. This also can contain product details that you can’t put in a scale model and in an AVP.

Most professional real estate brochures are given during the proposal of the houses available for lease or sale. Brochures can be sent in a soft copy format or they can be given in a hard copy as prints. Furthermore, the difference between brochures and flyers is that the brochures have more content and space for you to write on. This can be a buyer’s guide on the amenities and features that you have to offer. When looking for a brochure to use, you can search for real estate brochures online to get an idea on how you can layout the details on paper.

Real Estate Company Brochures

Commercial Company Brochure

commercial real estate company brochure

Real Estate Company Profile Brochure

real estate company profile brochure

Real Estate Development Brochure

real estate development company brochure

Luxury Real Estate Brochures

Luxury Hotel Brochure

luxury hotel brochure

Real Estate Luxury TriFold Brochure

real estate luxury trifold brochure

Luxury Brochure for Property

luxury brochure for property

Luxury Real Estate Brochure

luxury real estate brochure


The Real Deal in Making Real Estate Brochures

Brochures for any industry almost have the same content about the product, pictures, and contact information. Because of that, your brochures can look like generic rather than a professionally-looking one.  But, you can make a few amends on your residential real estate brochures to improve them. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Plan layout ahead.
Planning can save you from wasting all your efforts in constant trial and error. Hence, you need to sort out how you want the layout of your brochure to look like. Real estate property brochures need a balance of both the images of the houses and their key specifications and features. Organize the setup and you might as well make use of white spaces to provide a better aesthetic.

Choose your fold.
The fold in a brochure changes your page layout. It can make space wider or it can also make it narrower. Because of that, you need to carefully consider what fold you want to use and if you would rather change the layout or select a different fold instead. Common folds used are tri-fold brochures and accordion-style folds. Just make sure that the images or texts won’t get cut off halfway through the fold.

Summarize content.
While you want to make your brochures very informative, you should also consider the attention span of the readers. According to research, readers only have a short attention span and do not focus much on block texts. That is why you need to summarize all the details. If possible, use subheadings or bullets for readability. Also, remember that you do not sacrifice the font size of the texts to fit everything, including the images on the page.

Real Estate Apartment Brochure Templates

Apartment Real Estate BiFold Brochure

apartment real estate bifold brochure

Modern Apartment Brochure in PSD

modern apartment psd brochure

Printable Apartment TriFold Brochure

printable apartment trifold brochure

Free Apartments Brochure

free building apartments brochure

Real Estate Architecture Brochures

Architecture Brochure

landscape architecture brochure

Architecture Brochure Template in InDesign

indesign architecture brochure template download

Premium Architecture Brochure Template

premium architecture brochure template


Why the Real Estate Needs Brochures

In this digital age, printed reading materials are less used in comparison to e-brochures, e-flyers, or e-newsletters. Most companies invest in soft copies of brochure templates more than how much they invest on printed ones. This is because it costs less to hand out corporate real estate brochures via emails and social networks rather than producing hard copies. However, using physical real estate company brochures can work to your advantage. It helps you stand out against your competitors since you have another distinct method than a sole reliance on online advertising.

Aside from that, real estate marketing brochures are like offline catalogs you can carry around.This allows you to market your product to a client event without a powerpoint presentation to display. Also, you can have brokers and agents alike carry around brochures without the hassle. They can give out the real estate agent brochures to random individuals they get to encounter who finds interest in what they do. In a nutshell, brochures are more considered than flyers or other marketing methods because they can hold detailed information and more illustrations but they are still easy to distribute.

Real Estate Luxury Property Brochures

Luxury Property Brochure Template in InDesign

luxury property brochure template

Property Bi-Fold Brochure

property bi fold brochure

Elegant Real Estate Brochures in PSD

Elegant TriFold Brochure Template

elegant real estate tri fold brochure template

Elegant TriFold Property Brochure

elegant trifold property psd brochure


Overall Thoughts

One can concur that brochures are revolutionary marketing materials in real estate, regardless if it is real estate apartment brochure templates or real estate luxury property brochures. They are very flexible on how they appear. With the tips mentioned previously, try avoiding the common pitfalls to save your efforts and money in correcting the mistake. Most templates and designs online that you can download are already following the standards of a real estate brochure.

Meanwhile, your source of these brochures can also be different. You can get printable brochures online or you can do it on your own using your own skills in photo editing. The best thing about customizing brochures is that you get to decide what you want to do in each portion. However, if you are creatively challenged, it is also acceptable to hire expert designers to work for you. Leave it to them to make the brochures within the time you set while discussing to them what your concept is. You can also look for inspiration from the templates that you can see online. Since they are professionally made, surely, your team of designers can find a way to give you the same output. Make use of brochures and find success in the field of real estate.

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