When a software is installed in any system, it stores files and create registry which can be accessed when needed. However sometimes even after the uninstallation, registry entries get stuck in the hard drive. Registry is a useless data and can possess potential threat hence, should be ejected from the system to clear unused space. Here are some of the registry monitoring software

1. RegWatcher


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It’s a freeware and doesn’t require installation. MJ RegWatcher is an effective tool which is used to monitor Registry in Windows for changes. RegWatcher keeps a check on changes in the total registry in the system and alerts the user of any suspicious change. RegWatcher binds registry and commands it to block so that it is inactive.

  • Very simple User Interface
  • RegWatcher can Quarantine, Backup, Exempt Keys, registry.
  • The program scans registry at the interval of 30 seconds.
  • RegWatcher displays details upon starting.
  • It uses low resource usage.

2. Regshot Unicode

regshot unicode

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With a simple interface, Regshot Unicode for Windows can determine the changes in a system registry. Regshot utility tool is specially made for experienced computer person. It checks the value of registry between two distinct points. After monitoring the results, Regshot Unicode opens HTML Log in Browser about changes etc.

  • Manual options to check value at distinct points called 1st Shot and 2ns shot.
  • Launches HTML logs after detection of changes
  • The interface is great with low resource usage and no hidden features.
  • The recorded changes by Regshot can be fixed by other tools.
  • Manual Snapshots e.g. 1st shot before installation and 2nd post installation.

3. InstallWatch Pro

installwatch pro

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The multi-utility tool can be used to determine the changes in windows registry entries between two scheduled time. InstallWatch Pro can be used to determine the exact effect caused by the installation of any software and hence it is very useful. InstallWatch Pro is available in 32 bit and 64 bit OS.

  • InstallWatch Pro is available for windows system above 7 OS with 32 or 64-bit setup.
  • ‘Setup Detect’ can be set on or off.
  • Installation Relocation
  • Easy to use and easy to Update features.m
  • Registry log can be saved in TEXT format.

4. SysTracer

sys tracer

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SysTracer is a utility tool where a user can add, modify or delete data from a registry. The same algorithm as given above, SysTracer checks for a number of values of registry between two distinct times to determine any changes. The log can be exported to PDF and HTML file.

  • SysTracer can be used to add, delete and modify registry entries.
  • Can be used to determined about running processes.
  • The operation performed are generate into Binary image file.
  • SysTracer run on Windows XP and above.
  • The tool doesn’t need any installation.

5. Process Monitor v3.2

process monitor v3

Free Download

Made out of the combination of Filemon and Regmon, Process Monitor has some of the enhanced features. It can be used to determine the registry entries, threat activity associated, etc.
The program has many other utilities and tools. Process Monitor can be used to perform troubleshooting and malware toolkit is included.

  • Packed with tools and features like details regarding command line, session ID etc.
  • Cancellable search
  • Process Monitor performs boot time logging of all the operations.
  • Process Monitor is available for Windows vista and above.

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