Retro has been a coined term that reflects the things from the past that are incorporated into the things of the present. Like in design, the retro style uses colors, symbols, or techniques from decades back and are added to modern flyers or invitation templates. It can be used for any occasion and for all events.

If you are planning on making a retro-inspired printout, you can look for a PSD texture download to overlay on your designs. It is editable and can be applied to banners or poster samples. Find an inspiration from the series of retro textures we have.

Retro Wall Texture

retro wall texture2

Retro Paper

retro paper

Retro Background Texture

retro background texture1

Vintage Retro Texture

vintage retro texture1

Seamless Retro

seamless retro


Going Retro

Thinking of using retro designs in event poster templates? Here are the details that you need to have to complete your ensemble Check out the essential elements in retro styles.

  • Color scheme. Retro designs have specific colors that are used to make the whole design full-on retro. Otherwise, it can just be like any other design and may be mistaken as another type. Some of these colors are cerulean, fern, coral, blush, tangerine and Tuscan sun. These colors are mostly dark, subtle, and vivid. They are easy to pair with other colors and are easy to find.
  • Vintage objects and shapes. Another key element is shapes used by the design. Use vintage objects such as vinyl, big old radio, Polaroid films, and more. This will be the “something old” in your design that is considered to be the “something new.” Apart from that, you can also overlay shapes together with layers of vector textures. 
  • Font styles. There are specific font styles that are best meant for retro designs alone. It has specific strokes that make it look like a crossover between old and modern font styles. Some fonts have special designs on it already and you won’t have to put out too much effort, should you choose to use them.

Retro Grunge

retro grunge

Retro Grass Texture

retro grass texture1

Abstract Retro Texture

abstract retro texture1

Geometric Texture

geometric texture1

Retro Photo Frame Texture

retro photo frame texture


Where Do You Apply Retro Textures?

Retro textures are applicable to any printout and layout that you want to use it on. It is very versatile and it stands alone that it won’t need other accessories to go with it. Here are some examples of where you can use retro textures:

  • Invitations. These are not just limited to a handful of styles. One of the many that can be applied on it is the retro texture. It brings more nostalgic vibe to your invitation flyers or cards just the way vintage textures do it. This is best for weddings that have a retro theme as well.
  • Flyers. A flyer can have retro designs, too. You can look for retro party flyer templates or any material with designs with retro themes that will inspire you. There are cute designs online that may be edited as well.
  • Posters. Last on the list are posters, which can both be displayed and distributed. Mix your retro textures with other textures and create a fun and artistic design.

When undecided with what texture to use for your designs, check out retro textures that will make your layout look aesthetically pleasing. Download samples and find your inspiration for the next work you do.

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