Projects, especially those big and complex ones, involve multiple steps following a proper sequence dependent on each other. In undertaking projects, to avoid complications, you need to ensure that the people involved in the process are on the same page. For that purpose, roadmaps come in handy. Curating it manually from scratch can be a challenge, but with robust roadmapping software for project managers, you can simplify the complexities that come with it. Are you interested? Read on and secure yours today.

5+ Roadmapping Software for Project Managers

1. ProductPlan


Rating: 5/5

Price: FREE


2. Preceden


Rating: 4.3/5

Price: FREE


3. Roadmap Planner


Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


4. ProdPad


Rating: 4.7/5

Price: FREE


5. ClickUp


Rating: 47/5

Price: FREE


6. Productfolio


Rating: 4.4/5

Price: Custom


What Is Roadmapping Software for Project Managers?

Roadmapping software for project managers is a digital solution that streamlines the processes involved in roadmap generation for facilitating projects. It offers online drawing tools allowing its users to create a digitized version of a roadmap. Also, it has a font editor and other tools for customizing the roadmap to fit your demands. With this software, you can also access a resource library filled with shapes, font styles, arrows, and other elements necessary to complete your visual diagram.

For better coordination with your team, it also offers collaboration tools and file sharing functionalities. In addition, you can integrate this software with other relevant applications.


With this technology, you can edit and manipulate elements in your roadmap in just a few clicks. That said, not only can you reduce your workload, but you can also save more time and focus on more pressing matters. Also, because it makes your roadmaps accessible online, you can eliminate the need to print out and disseminate individual copies. It helps you cut the budget needed for this activity.


To single out the digital solution that is most suited for you, first, you should analyze and understand your needs. With the overwhelming number of roadmapping platforms you can choose from in the software market, you need to deliberate your choices carefully. One way to do it is by studying the services included in the various software packages and subscription plans. Also, in filtering your options, you need to consider their unique functionalities and the digital devices they support. Here are essential features you should look for in the software of your choice:

  • Document management tools
  • Custom workflows
  • Collaboration software tools
  • Editable roadmap templates
  • Task management functionalities
  • Communication management platform
  • Timeline generator tools
  • Third-party applications integration

Top 10 Roadmapping Software for Project Managers

1. Wrike

Wrike provides its users with activity tracking and approval process control capabilities. They have 1,071 people in their team and have 130 million dollars in generated revenue.

2. ClickUp

This bug tracking solution provides its users with functionalities for brainstorming and assignment management. They have a generated revenue of 57.9 million dollars and have employed 184 people.

3. Aha!

Cost tracking and capacity management tools are features you can use in this product roadmap software. They have 100 employees and have a generated revenue of 45.8 million dollars.

4. ProductPlan

In this digital solution, you can use document generation and dependency tracking functionalities. They have 18 million dollars in generated revenue and have 99 employees.

5. Roadmap Planner

When you use this software, you can utilize tools for requirement management and milestone tracking. Its developer, KeepSolid, has a revenue of 13.1 million dollars and has 90 employees.

6. Roadmunk

Strategic planning and workflow management controls are examples of features in this software. They have a generated revenue of 10.8 million dollars and have 85 people in their team.

7. airfocus

This software has tools for streamlining application development and change management. They have 5.2 million dollars in revenue and have 200 employees in their team.

8. Preceden

This software allows its users to access timeline maker and image upload capabilities. They have over 25 people working for them and have 5 million dollars in generated revenue.

9. Hello Focus

This product manager tool offers to-do lists and prioritization functionalities to its users. They have a generated revenue of over 5 million dollars and have more or less 25 employees.

10. ProdPad

This product roadmap software has idea management and project management tools. They have employed ten people to work for them and have generated a revenue of 1.5 million dollars.


How is a product roadmap different from a project roadmap?

A product roadmap and project roadmap are diagrams with overlapping functionalities. Although, these two roadmaps also have differences that set them apart. For one, the purpose of creating the former is to communicate plans involved in producing products. In contrast, the latter is more of a strategic tool to manage tasks and plan resource allocation.

What are the responsibilities of a project manager?

The roles of project managers may differ from one company to another. Although, this job position entails general project management responsibilities that most individuals with this job should undertake. That said, their tasks include overseeing project planning, assignment management, project documentation, and resource management. Also, their job description involves managing risks and establishing relationships with stakeholders.

Why is roadmapping essential in managing projects?

Generating roadmaps are a crucial step in project management. This visual diagram is helpful when undertaking complex projects, especially when it involves the participation of varying teams and departments. The practice of roadmapping can clarify the objective, scope, schedule, and project deliverables. Also, a roadmap can update the workforce and the stakeholders on the progress of the project.

Poor coordination and miscommunication are some of the obstacles hindering quality project management. Considering that projects encompass successive steps, one error can cause a snowball effect and ultimately impact the overall condition of your projects. Although with roadmapping software for project managers, you no longer need to worry about that. Download yours now and generate accurate roadmaps with ease.

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