Vehicle routing and traffic challenges are external factors that might disrupt services that involve dispatching workers, delivering orders, or shipping items. In addition to ensuring that your services are of the highest quality, you should also think about how long it will take you to complete them. The welfare of your staff members is another key concern. You should use route planning software to minimize your company’s exposure to risk and increase its output.

10+ Best Route Planning Software For PC

1. ManageTeamz



Rating: 4.8/5

Price: $50/Month


2. Route4Me



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $99/Month


3. Locus DispatchIQ

locus dispatchiq


Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $10000/Year


4. bMobile Route

bmobile route


Rating: 4/5

Price: $5000/Year


5. Abivin vRoute

abivin vroute


Rating: 5/5

Price: $10/Month





Rating: 4.8/5

Price: $1/Month


7. Jobber



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $39/Month



pcs tms


Rating: 4.7/5

Price: $300/Month


9. IntelliShift



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $16.99/Month


10. Detrack



Rating: 4.9/5

Price: $24/Month


11. Radaro



Rating: 5/5

Price: $495/Month


What Is a Route Planning Software?

The term “route planning software” is used to describe a kind of computer application that helps businesses that provide mobile services to their customers. In addition to being useful for company owners, it has a wide range of applications. It also helps workers who are tasked with making many stops along the way to various client locations. This program facilitates the incorporation of supplementary applications and programs for enhanced efficiency. Additionally, GPS tracking is used to provide the employee’s whereabouts to the clientele. The system also includes a database for storing important information about services and customers, such as transaction history. Additionally, this program may be used to monitor and regulate worker output.


This technology provides an effective means of assisting drivers and other field workers in determining the quickest and most secure path to their destination from their current location. This method often requires a significant investment of both time and materials; however, this technology provides a solution that enables firms to reduce the time and money required for carrying out this operation.


You shouldn’t put all your eggs in the route planning software basket. The outcomes of your decisions will ultimately play a role in your level of success. You may feel overwhelmed by the variety of choices available to you at this stage. However, bear in mind that there are benefits and drawbacks to everything. Therefore, choose the program that will benefit you the greatest. To that end, it’s important to evaluate whether or not the services they provide are enough for your requirements. If you’re in the market for new software, consider these features before making a purchase:

Top 10 Route Planning Software for PC

1. Detrack

Using our iOS or Android app, you may use Detrack, a free yet effective delivery management program, to keep tabs on where your cars are at all times.

2. ElasticRoute

In addition to carriers, transportation and logistics, delivery service providers, wholesalers, and postal & courier services, ElasticRoute provides a route planning tool. Transportation dispatch & driver management, live driver monitoring, API, fuel and territory management, and performance analytics are some of the key features.

3. Decios

A cloud-based smartphone application called Decios allows companies to map out routes, handle deliveries, and keep tabs on drivers in real-time. There are effective dashboards available to track performance, enhance it, and focus on critical areas for development.

4. Shipday

Restaurants, courier services, grocery shops, and other small companies may use Shipday’s dispatch and delivery tracking software to arrange orders, manage drivers, notify customers in real time, and do much more all on one centralized platform.

5. Jobber

The robust software from Jobber is ideal for home service companies. Maintain projects on schedule and provide a smooth client experience. Jobber can help you save time while providing 5-star service thanks to a mobile app, free training, and a straightforward setup process.

6. ArcGIS

ArcGIS by Esri is a suite of GIS software for spatial analysis, data management, and mapping. ArcGIS Online offers a web-based solution for creating and sharing 3D map visualizations.

7. Route4Me

Route4Me is very simple to use and enables you to quickly build, share, maintain, and drive optimum routes. Perfect for last-mile optimization in any industry, including field service, field sales, field marketing, field merchandising, territory management, and more.

8. Badger Maps

Using a single platform, firms can manage routes, opportunities, data collecting, follow-ups, territories, and more with the use of the field sales management software Badger Maps.

9. Track-POD

The route-planning tool Track-POD uses artificial intelligence (AI) and your choices, including optimization method, driver and vehicle capacity, etc., to determine the most practical and economical routes for your daily deliveries.

10. SalesRabbit

For door-to-door field sales personnel, SalesRabbit is a sales tracking and lead management system with capabilities for fostering critical behaviors and incentive.


What makes logistics and route planning important in the business?

The commercial operations of implementing and organizing the procedures necessary to satisfy client needs are referred to as logistics. It also covers the movement of products and the management of resources. The evaluation and selection of the most efficient routes are fundamental to route planning. Before making deliveries and traveling, drivers and dispatchers put this into practice.

What is the traditional method of routing multiple stops?

Routing several stops using the conventional way is quite time- and labor-intensive. Additionally, it can’t ensure that your mapping is accurate. This process may now be completed more quickly because of the availability of digital tools designed expressly for route planning and mapping. Therefore, firms should use route planning software to arrange many stops.

What is route optimization software?

The application that improves the standard or manual approaches to route mapping is referred to as route optimization software. This system offers tools for figuring out the fastest and safest course of travel. It incorporates route management programs and visual maps. Additionally, it contains capabilities that enable taking into account a variety of criteria for dynamic routing.

Customers often monitor their orders after placing their food or package orders since they are so eager. As a company of this sort, you should take action to meet this market need. And not just that. Employee monitoring is something that you should prioritize as a manager. Use route planning software to address all of these issues at once.

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