RTF to PDF Converter- download these tools to safeguard your confidential information from getting misused.

RTF or Rich Text Format is a text file format, developed by Microsoft, for using in products and for cross-platform exchange of document.  PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format which presents documents which are not dependent on operating systems, software or any hardware.

Due to various shortcomings of the RTF, people prefer RTF to PDF Converter Free Download to convert such files to formats like PDF. The following tools are some of the popular RTF to PDF Converters available.



  • EEPDF RFT to PDF Converter supports Batch Conversion that is converting multiple RTF files with just one click.
  • It allows users to edit the converted PDF file contents like of author name and subject.
  • The tool also lets users protect their document by allowing setting of a password and controlling access of the PDF document.
  • Page numbers and watermarks can be added and formatted on the output PDF document.

2. Online2PDF.com


  • Online2PDF.com converts RTF files to PDF document online therefore there is no need for any setup.
  • It offers numerous functional features that are offered in a simple solo user interface, which allows users to combine them as per their requirements.
  • The conversion gets completed in no time and users can either convert single files or convert numerous files at once.

3. Verypdf.com Inc


  • The RTF to PDF Converter offered by Verypdf.com Inc lets users convert RTF file to PDF document within their application in an easy and stress-free way.
  • The converter does not need a Printer Driver as it comprises of a RTF parser that can directly covert the file into PDF.  This is one reason why the conversion speed is so quick.
  • This RTF to PDF Converter Software supports features like paragraph formatting, tables, columns, frames, header and footer, etc.

4. Okdo RTF to PDF Converter

okdo rtf to pdf converter

  • This standalone software does not require support of Adobe Acrobat.
  • Okdo RTF to PDF Converter converts files in batches in a simple and speedy way.
  • The converted searchable PDF file is of high quality and conserves the primary file’s layout, content, illustration, etc.
  • It is supported by operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, XP and Vista.
  • This RTF to PDF Converter Offline allows users to create page margins and add watermarks to the converted file.

5. Total Doc Converter

total doc converter

  • Total Doc Converter is an online software that is available in the current version, and gives users the opportunity to run a trial before buying the licensed one.
  • This tool offers various features like editing text font and size, modifying size and orientation of page, adding topic and author information, etc
  • Another useful feature of Total Doc Converter is that it allows users to view contents of the file while denoting conversion sources so that the correct file is selected.

6. Nova PDF

nova pdf

  • NovaPDF is a popular tool for converting RTF files to PDF format that works on almost all Windows application where printing is supported.
  • This software is installed in the form of a virtual printer driver
  • In order to convert a file from RTF to PDF format, users need to simply print their document with the novaPDF Printer and the PDF file will be generated and saved at a location of their choice.

7. Free All Office Converter Pro

free all office converter pro1

  • Free All Office Converter Pro is a comprehensive converting tool that can convert single RTF files to PDF format at a time.
  • The software has a user-friendly interface that allows creation of documents effortlessly at high speed.
  • Free All Office Converter Pro allows batch conversions.
  • The users interface lets users arrange their added files easily and also allows added files to be deleted without the need of starting afresh.

8. Wondershare PDFelement

wondershare pdf element

  • The PDF toolkit, Wondershare PDFelement, contains a number of helpful functions including conversion of RTF files to PDF Format.
  • The valuable OCR function of this software supports text recognition and converts the output PDF file into searchable and editable form.
  • It also supports batch creation and batch conversion from RTF to PDF documents.
  • For effortlessly creating particular PDF form, the tool offers several options for forms.

9. SAUTIN Soft

sautin soft

  • SAUTIN Soft’s PDF Metamorphosis .Net library offers users a complete suit of API for converting RTF files to PDF files while preserving the original structure of the document.
  • The software allows users to adjust various features of the document during conversion like font size, font style, font color, size of page, orientation of page, etc
  • It also lets users add page numbers, watermarks, header and footer, margins to the output file.

What are the advantages of converting RTF to PDF files?

Rich Text Format is a file format which allows users to write a text file, save it on an operating system and to open it on a different operating system. It is entirely text based and does not support images or objects. A Rich Text Format file does not offer any feature to protect itself from duplicating or modifying. It is advisable not to create a confidential document in this format as it can be edited by anyone. It can also get exposed to spam and damage if proper care is not taken. It is due to these reasons that people prefer using PDF files and therefore, it is sensible to convert RTF files to PDF files. PDF files have exceptional features to safeguard information from being misused. PDF documents are more compact and require lesser memory space in comparison to RTF files. Even size compression for files containing images is noteworthy. RTF files are not capable of incorporating media, but a PDF file provides users the option to insert media as well. Because of these advanced features of PDF files, most people go for RTF to PDF converter free download full version.

How to Convert an RTF File to PDF File?

With the numerous online RTF to PDF Converters available online, file conversion has become an easy task. One can choose an RTF to PDF Converter Online of his/her choice from the internet. Use the software to upload an RTF file and convert it to PDF.

  • Clicking on the button that reads ‘Choose File will’ open a browse window. Select the RTF file that you want to convert and then click ‘Open’.
  • After that click on the ‘Convert Now’ button. The file will get converted from within a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending upon file size.
  • Download in your system or view the converted PDF document on the web browser.

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