Till date we have mostly used Amortization Schedule Maker Software template designs and excel sheets, but now it is time for using complete tools and software programs to make your periodical calculations and payments easier. Never miss out a single payment of EMI or miscalculate the financial impact of your loan with the very best Amortization Schedule Maker Software programs.

Here are a few Amortization Schedule Maker Tools which are here to make your calculations extremely easy

1. Loan*Calculator! Plus easy calculation, tons of option lists,


This is quite the awesome Amortization software which is simple to use, does not use special functions and yet comes with tons of options of payment period, amortizing period and compounding period. Simply enter your amount of loan, annual rate, periodic payment and amortizing period to correctly calculate your monthly payments. The amortization table can display date of payment, principal, interest, annual totals, running totals and balance. It can also be used to calculate balloon payment, compound interest, simple interest, automobile loans, mortgage loans etc.

2. AJ Design Software master of all calculations


AJDesign website cum software which comes with multiple types of calculators which include Math, Physics, Science, Finance and Engineering. All you need to do is input your loan amount, first payment date, loan tern, interest rate; loan extra monthly payments etc and the software will do the rest for you. The output display includes total payments paid, monthly payment interest, monthly payment amount, single extra payment, total principal payment and total interest.

3. Dr Calculator-your answer to all amortization problem

dr caluculator

Dr Calculator is a feature filled mortgage calculator which provides multiple amortization charts and tables in various changeable formats. One can use sliders to select principal, loans, start month, start year, balance graph, interest graph, repayment chart, monthly tables, summary and settings from the UI. You can also change payment frequency, rounding, interest sliders, mortgage insurance, compound frequency and initial payment settings for calculation of extra payment, interest and ERM values with DR Calculator.

4. JavaScript Loan Calculator Loan Amortizer- Amortization Payment Calculator


A very simple and yet powerful amortization calculator which uses simple and interactive User Interface to calculate the Final Payments from simple Loan Amounts, Number of Payments and Annual interest rate. Anyone can incorporate this calculator in their personal websites or blogs by grabbing the free code provided at the end of the page. Using the JavaScript Loan Calculator does not demand the knowledge of coding languages hence making it possible for everyone to reap the benefits of this beautifully constructed and yet simple amortization payment calculator.

5. Super Brokers- free consultation, best tools, fast services


Super Brokers is the Superhero of mortgage calculators which has a number of tools and options to make it the most used calculator of this decade. Just like any good amortization calculator, all the Super Brokers needs are your amortization duration, amortization schedule, mortgage term, loan amount and prepayment amount. The complete payment options include the total payment, total principal by year, lump sum payment, total interest paid and the remaining balance.

6. EMI Calculator Plus- free service for fastest calculation

emi calculator

This is a free and an absolutely basic software for calculation of EMIs and other monetary details. Input details like loan amount, loan strength, annual interest rate and loan start date and wait as the calculator works its magic to churn out the correct numbers. The results include the period, principal paid, remaining balance, payment date etc. The results are displayed in a chart form which makes it infinitely easy to manage and understand the results.

7. TimeValue


8. Slateboard


9. Margil


10. KwikLoan


11. Graveco


This new generation of Amortization Calculators help you to manage your finances in a smarter way without having to pay tons for financial advisors. All your simple EMI and Loan requirements can be addressed by the listed Amortization Calculators.

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