Ever wondered how users in YouTube upload videos of recorded activities on their screen? There are numerous free Screen Capture software available in the internet for downloading today.

Check out these software to record your on-screen activites. These software are available in Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms.

1. Jing – Capture On-Screen Images and Videos

Check out Jing, a software that enables you to record and take pictures of your computer screen

  • Capture any portion of your screen just by selecting the area
  • Mic-recording option available for narration
  • Creates video up to 5 minutes
  • Easy and intuitive interface with option of sharing captured images and videos
  • Cons: Limited duration of captured video and does not record system sounds while recording.

2. Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder – A Software For Both Windows and Mac

Download Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder, to record your videos with no time limits

  • No time limits on captured audio or video
  • Video editing option available and add colours, notes, captions while recording
  • Video Converting option available with its integrate Online Convert key
  • Different modes available. For eg: Webcam Capture mode enables you to record Skype conversations.

3. CamStudio – An Open-Source Software For Capturing On-Screen Activities

Use CamStudio, a free software with good video recording capabilities

  • Hiding curser screen facility and choose the portion of the screen you want to record
  • Losless Codec available for crystal clear audio recordings
  • Creates AVI and FLV video files and control the quality of the videos depending on the size you want
  • Records at various frame rate speeds and convert videos in Streaming Flash Videos (SWF)
  • Video Annotation feature which enables you to insert a webcam video of yours in an image/video (picture in picture)

4. Webinaria – A Free Screen Recording Software

Check out Webinaria to create a compact video for e-learning purposes

  • Record Flash – AVI and FLV- videos of your home screen
  • Edit audio recordings to add captions/subtitles etc
  • Convert AVI files to FLV and upload them to a Flash Player.
  • Open source software which means it’s completely free
  • Cons: Available only for Windows platform

5. Rylstim Screen Recorder: A Simple Software For Recording Screens

Download Rylstim Screen Recorder, to record on-screen activities without any hassle

  • Easy and intuitive interface for a smooth experience
  • Options available to hide/unhide left/right click buttons of a mouse
  • Configurable codec, frame rate
  • Compact video once you have stopped recording; no added editing options
  • Free software with no added upgrades with an additional portable version choice

6. Icecream Screen Recorder – An Intutitve and Easy Screen Recording Software

Check out Icecream Screen Recorder, a screen recorder with an added drawing panel.

  • Records any sort of activity on the internet. For eg: Webinars, Skype etc.
  • Drawing Panel which enables the user to add arrows or draw anything on the video for a better understanding
  • Fast access to recorded videos and screenshots through Project History
  • Add Watermarks to your video
  • Choose video quality and the option to hide/unhide cursor/desktop icons

7. EZVID – An On-screen Recording Software With An Array Of Options

Use EZVID , an on-screen recorder for all ages!

  • Free background/soundtrack music which is legal for YouTube uploading
  • Crop, Edit, add captions, animation through its integrated editor
  • One-Click Speech Synthesis and 720p rendering of videos created
  • Audio sound levels automatically balanced and ducked
  • Accelerated playback options and does not affect PC performance because of its low size.

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