Small Business Inventory Software – An Ultimate Solution for High Business Profit

If you are going to start a new business of your own, perhaps you will have to take care of lot of stuffs. Cost effectiveness and money management is the key to make your small business into a successful one. Here comes the small business inventory software.

These software helps you to effectively manage your business. Have a look at some of the best software in this category.

1. Fishbowl Inventory

fishbowl inventory

Considered as the best software for managing manufacture, Fishbowl Inventory is the most common name in the list.

  • 14 days trial version comes for no cost.
  • Tracking provision of assets is present in the software.
  • Creating bills, integrating business charts are some of the unique features of the software.

2. Inform ERP

inform erp

The most celebrated software among wholesale distributors, Inform ERP keeps you informed about all aspects of your business.

  • The software can be customized according to the work of the specific industry.
  • Features include accounting, multi dimensional pricing, ecommerce etc.
  • Inventory exceptions, if any can be guessed with this software.

3. SIMMS Inventory Management

simms inventory management

Very efficient and comprehensive supply chain management software – that is SIMMS Inventory Management.

  • All aspects of the small business inventory can be monitored.
  • Very accurate in operation.
  • The software is efficient enough to develop a healthy customer satisfaction.

4. Lead Commerce

lead commerce

A complete packages inventory management software for a healthy business, check out Lead Commerce today!

  • A monthly charge is required. Demo version is available for free.
  • Comes with cloud assisted system. You can access it anytime anywhere, just need the internet connection.
  • You can use it straight away. No preliminary knowledge of computers is required.

5. jumpStock


For some serious inventory management, jumpStock is the right choice.

  • Comes with cloud assisted and mobile based technology.
  • Little costly at $99 for each month.
  • Highly interactive user interface that saves a lot of time.

6. Revel iPad POS

revel ipad pos

A PC as well as IPad based software from Apple, Revel iPad POS is one of the finest inventory management software in the group.

  • Partner project of Intuit Ouickbooks Integration.
  • Ideal for business with one or multiple location setup.
  • Large stock of dymanic features makes it particularly useful.

7. Contalog


If you want to maximize your profits, Contalog deserves a place in your system.

  • Helps you to give a go to your business on digital channels.
  • Prepares exhaustive reports with analysis to help your business grow.
  • Available with cloud assisted feature.
  • The trial version is free of cost.

8. Solid Commerce

solid commerce

Fully fledged solution to all ecommerce related issues is given by the software called Solid Commerce.

  • Conceived with the idea of automation on multiple channels.
  • As it is internet based with high speed server, your operation time is saved substantially.
  • Many professional tools are integrated with the software.

9. Inventory Pro

inventory pro

Fully Fledged software for controlling and efficiently manage the business is none other than Inventory Pro.

  • The software interface can be integrated with those of other partners for accounting.
  • Comes with a locator system.
  • Able to manage all the nuances of your warehouse.

Factors that make these software a must

Starting a new business requires some ideas, imagination, money management and effective entrepreneurial skills. In the first phase of business, cost cutting and managing is very important. When the business is in the initial stage of development, you cannot afford to waste even a single penny. Further, a business comes with many other overhead departments as well, e.g. warehouse maintenance, staff salary, customer satisfaction and so on. The list of software that we have compiled will help you to keep track of every fine nuances of your business. Trust us, these software will not let you business go down.

Choosing the Best Inventory Software

This may happen to be a bit difficult choice. Choosing the right software is often not easy. Before zeroing on to software, look at the salient features of it by going to its webpage. We have provided the links for each software we have compiled. Try to understand the capacity and type of business you are starting. Once you are through with these, you can download them and use them as per your need. Going by the reviews of the tech savvies and business giants, these are often rated as the most efficient software for starting a new business.

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