What ever your issues for wanting to create at snooker, you will see that you can get some excellent support and coaching for you to boost your recreation on the internet in the type of on-line videos.

If you are hunting for amazing sites where you can play snooker or even pool online, then below are a few games that can be downloaded freely

1. 3D live snooker

3d live snooker

3D Live Snooker replicates snooker on your computer with perfect 3D sound and full 3-D environment. The balls roll just like real ones, and you can place your cue shot to hit at a variety of places on the cue ball for dissimilar spins! 3D Live Snooker has multi-player and single modes, you can play with your friends, remote players or computer.


  • addictive and easy gameplay
  • you can play with remote players and friends
  • available for everyone
  • it has a lot of levels

2. Poolians real pool 3D

poolians real pool 3d

Poolians is a free online pool game with loads of amazing features: Realistic controls, graphics and sound effects. It is 3D edition for serious players and 2D edition for casual players the game is also commanding in-game social. The biggest thing in this game is that more than 10 kinds of prized tournaments are being held every day.


  • buddy list
  • messenger
  • gifting and more.4.
  • Supports 3-ball, 8-ball
  • 15-ball, 9-ball, 14+1, Blackjack, killer, mini-snooker and snooker
  • Supports pub mode and team play which allows six people playing in one table at the same time.

3. Pool Rebel

pool rebel

Want to play the best pool game? Now you don’t need to go to the nearest pool hall anymore; simply run Pool Rebel on your computer! Pool Rebel is a small pool game that allows you play a lot of varieties of pool: 8-ball UK, 8-ball US, 9-ball, 14.1 and one pocket. Pool Rebel is a windowed and simple game with several snooker and pool options and a tediously small interface.


  • Realistic sound and graphics.
  • Supports quite a few pool types
  • Play against CPU, online or a friend
  • Customizable pool tables and characters

4. LitePool


LitePool is a easy but still very addictive online snooker and multiplayer pool game in one. It is very easy to play – you only have to download the free application, run it, attach to the game lobby – and you can right away play against other players connected.


  • This application is 100 free and has no spyware and malware that may harm your computer.
  • The game is quite simple
  • Easy to download

5. Snooker manager

snooker manager

The Snooker Club Manager is a game that calculates the time a player is on a table in genuine time as well as allowing you charge by per player or table time. You can add food and drinks to their bill as well as Pause their game time and move them to a different table without losing any billing information.


  • You can even shut down the computer and start it back up without billing information being lost
  • Produces a very nice formatted bill calculated for you.
  • Easily Available
  • The game can be played by adults as well as by kids

6.Quick Snooker




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